Jackson’s Accuser Connected to Kobe? (Jan 6 2003)

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[b]Jackson’s Accuser Connected to Kobe?[/b] January 6, 2003

“Celebrity Justice” has learned that the boy accusing Michael Jackson of molesting him may have also been befriended by Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, according to statements made to authorities by the boy’s mother. “CJ” has obtained confidential documents, one prepared by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, the other by the State of California Health and Welfare Agency. Both agencies were looking into claims of domestic violence allegedly perpetrated by the boy’s father. In the documents, a caseworker says “Mom showed [Case Worker] numerous photos of her children with various celebrities- Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, etc.” The following is a passage from confidential documents from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services:

“When [Case Worker] asked Mother about the celebrities, she said she just met them on the street and one introduced her to another. ‘They are our friends. They shower us with love. We see them very often. They come to our house and we go to their house. We go places together and we eat together.’ [Case Worker] asked where in the street she met the celebrities and mother said ‘the street is anything outside my house.’ Mother said she did not want to answer the question about where she met the celebrities because this is private. [Case Worker] said it is a bit unusual to just meet a bunch of celebrities in the street. Mother said that they are just like everybody else. [Case Worker] said that is not true. [Case Worker] asked if Mother has had any psychological or psychiatric treatment and she refused to answer….Eventually Mom said that they met the celebrities due to her son’s illness and that the celebrities are very supportive of her son and their family. [Case Worker] knows that some celebrities do in fact visit children who have cancer. Mom says that she has found ways to get things for her kids.”

However, in the State documents dated October of 2001, the mother was more forthcoming in regards to treatment for mental illness. “The officers asked mother if she’s ever had psychiatric treatment and she said yes in the past, but not currently.” Source: http://celebrityjustice.warnerbros.com/news/0401/06a.html

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