Contradictory, One-sided Leaks May Be from Prosecutors?– MJEOL Bullet #246

Contradictory, Disgusting, & One-sided Leaks May Be from Prosecutors?– MJEOL Bullet #246 These newest leaks come after prosecutor Gordon Auchincloss supposedly threatened the defense that Sneddon would release all he knows about Jackson if they try to impeach Sneddon on the witness stand Some pro-prosecution nut has once again decided to spit in Judge Rodney Melville’s face by giving the media another go-round with the 1900 page grand jury transcripts. The judge in the case had said he would release this information AFTER a final jury panel has been selected and sworn in. But apparently the wait was too long for the prosecution or prosecution-sympathizer who handed over the info to a Court TV backed website. Through all of this unsubstantiated, one-sided garbage, there are some key things missing that one would expect to be there if an actual crime had occurred. Not to mention all of the blaring brick walls the prosecutors will undoubtedly run into once this thing – can’t even call it a “case” anymore – gets rolling. Maybe someone should send them a memo: the bridge is out. MJEOL won’t dare attempt to clean up the prosecution’s story by pointing out the numerous, ridiculous, Pacific Ocean-sized holes in these contradictory stories. But there are a few incredibly obvious things that a number of observers are pretty much aware of right now. The first missing thing, which was quickly picked up on by a number of people, is the fact that no witness other than the accuser’s brother – hardly an objective party – has ever seen Jackson behave inappropriately with any kid. Not this kid, not his brother, and not anyone else. One would think that would be the tip-off number one. Another odd story is the fact prosecutors are claiming this alleged “conspiracy” started BEFORE the prosecution-alleged “molestation”, and that the alleged “molestation” didn’t start until AFTER the family acquired passports to go to Brazil. Huh? It makes no sense at all that one would allegedly obtain passports for Brazil – reportedly the mother has family members there, by the way – and THEN Jackson would START molesting him.

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