Explosive Court Doc: Family committed fraud, perjury, leveled false allegations

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UPDATE: Opposition to District Attorney’s Motion to Limit Introduction of Evidence of Prior Litigation Involving the Doe Family Explosive new court documents reveal stunning information about the past history of the accusing family, including welfare fraud, false allegations and perjury. Although a lot of the material is redacted by the judge, there are some very telling statements left in the defense motion. The following are a few excerpts from the latest doc:

(pg 6-7 of .pdf file) The prosecution realizes that when the jury finds out that the only people to answer the District Attorney’s open casting call are the same people who have committed welfare fraud, lied under oath, taken advantage of the generosity of good Samaritans, systematically targeted celebrities to bilk them for money, and filed a lawsuit based on false allegations, Mr. Jackson will be acquitted. The Court should not allow the prosecution to deceive the jury by hiding the ________ family’s modus operandi from their view. (pg 3 of .pdf) Evidence of the ________ family’s lawsuit against _________ is relevant because it demonstrates: (1) ________ has used her children to commit frauds on other occasions; (2) _______ has a history of making false allegations that become more outrageous as time passes; (3) the _____ family has a history of making false allegations that are not corroborated by other witnesses; (4) the _______ family’s lawsuit against _______ sheds light on the other frauds that have been perpetrated by the family; and (5) ________ has committed the crime of perjury on several occasions, which is relevant to her credibility in the present case. (pg 3-4 of .pdf) On August 27 1998, ______________ were arrested on charges of burglary after ____________ was caught shoplifting at ___________. Rather than admit their culpability in using their children to shoplift, the ________ concocted an outrageous story that the security guards responsible for detaining the family assaulted them by using excessive force and she eventually claimed that they sexually assaulted her. {14 lines of redacted info} On July 22, 1999, the ________ family filed a lawsuit against _________ and security officers _________________________________________________ alleging, among other things, that the _________ family was battered, falsely arrested and falsely imprisoned. {2 lines of redacted info} The witnesses present at the scene of the ________ incident have a very different account of what occurred. {lines, then an entire page and a half blacked out by the judge} (pg 6 of .pdf) The District Attorney has had an open casting call for “victims” of Michael Jackson for more than a decade. The fact that the best witnesses the prosecution can come up with, after all this time, have major credibility problems, based on a history of making false allegations for financial gain, among other reasons, is something that the prosecution must deal with at trial. Rather than present an accurate picture of their “victims” to the jury, the prosecution seeks to bolster their incredible testimony through the use of experts on Battered Women’s Syndrome and Child Abuse Accommodation Syndrome, while at the same time, hiding the ________ history of perjury and fraud from the jurors.

More from the court document reveal that the mother got her cancer-stricken child to shoplift from JCPenney and then coached him to lie about it. Excerpts:

(pg 7-8 of pdf) The ________ family’s lawsuit against __________ demonstrates that _________ has a pattern and practice of using her children to commit frauds. ___________ was caught leaving ___________ with merchandise without having paid for it. According to a statement of _______ a _________ security guard who witnessed the incident, _______________________________________ true and correct copy of ___________ statement is attached at Exhibit D. Following the incident, ________ coached her children to lie about the incident in order to reach a financial settlement, with the store. There is nothing “speculative” [about] it. ____________ coerced their own children into stealing and lying for financial gain. Contrary to the prosecution’s claims, _________ never “simply conceded they were liable and handed over more than $150,000 (Motion, page 5). In fact, the Confidential Release and Settlement Agreement specifically states that, “[t]he Parties further understand and agree that neither the payment of the sum by Defendant’s _________… shall constitute or be construed as an admission of any liability whatsoever by any of them, and that each consistently take the position that they have no liability whatsoever in this matter.” (pg 8 of .pdf) _________ found itself the target of a fraudulent lawsuit orchestrated by professional plaintiffs. Like many other companies with deep pockets in the same position, a decision was made that it would be cheaper to pay off the plaintiffs, rather than to litigate the case. Moreover, the fact that __________ was suffering from cancer during this litigation created a risk that a jury would sympathize with him, for reasons that were totally irrelevant to the ______ claims, and award money to the __________ despite the incredible nature of their case. Finally, _________ had to be aware of the adverse publicity to the store that might occur if they fought a child allegedly dying of cancer. (pg 9 of .pdf) EVIDENCE THAT SCRIPTS WERE USED DURING PRIOR LITIGATION IS RELEVANT TO THE PRESENT CASE The testimony will demonstrate that ___________ used scripts to prepare her children for their depositions in the ________ case. The testimony will prove that __________ coached her children to answer deposition questions in a way that would assist her in her scheme to defraud ___________. The answers that her children gave at their deposition show that they were coached. This evidence is relevant because it shows the lengths _______ will go to prepare her children to assist her in committing fraud. She did so with other people and she did so with Michael Jackson.

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