When Did Jackson Ask for Your Sympathy for Having the Flu? – MiniBullet #5

When Did Jackson Ask for Your Sympathy for Having the Flu? – MiniBullet #5 FEB 20 2005 — Once again I find myself disgusted with media coverage of Michael Jackson’s hospitalization for a severe, viral flu with the last straw being another inane article from local Santa Maria “reporter” Steve Corbett. The media has been rife with speculative nonsense, collectively claiming that Jackson ‘just wants sympathy’ or is ‘being dramatic’. And they lace their pundit’s view with tales of their own illnesses and how they just….took Tylenol and stayed in bed. Probably one of the most ridiculous articles on Jackson’s illness came from Santa Maria Times’s Corbett, completely with whiny, complaining comments from people who probably didn’t like Jackson to begin with. Then they complain about a “ruckus” in the hospital. What they may not realize is that this “ruckus” was not caused by a “queasy” Jackson, but by the media and by city employees who are duty-bound to protect him. But Corbett’s crowd of quoted locals aren’t the only one’s taking leave of their senses. What some of these jaded lunatics don’t seem to understand is that 1) Jackson has never asked them for their sympathy, 2) He probably couldn’t give two craps about whether the media ‘feels sorry’ for him, 3) Not even Michael Jackson can fake a viral-based flu, and 4) Just because your flu didn’t land you in the emergency room, it doesn’t mean Jackson’s faking. To be more blunt: You ain’t Michael Jackson. Given the media’s history of treating him like garbage, I highly doubt Jackson is wishing, hoping or praying that the media – who all act like tabloids when it comes to stories about him – would suddenly ‘feel sorry’ for him. He hasn’t asked for the public’s sympathy on this issue.

Family ‘Kidnapped’ for Interview Public Never Saw? – MiniBullet #4

Family ‘Kidnapped’ for Interview Public Never Saw? – MiniBullet #4 FEB 20 2005 – One of the accusations made by the prosecution in the Michael Jackson “case” is that the accusing family was allegedly “kidnapped” so that they could be kept away from the public and appear in a rebuttal video exonerating Jackson. They want the public to believe that Jackson was so “panicked” about his image that he would conspire to kidnap a family of four. However, the rebuttal footage to the Martin Bashir hatchet-job of a “documentary”, in which the family was allegedly supposed to appear, was aired just days after Bashir’s, but without any new footage of this family at all. “Take Two: The Footage You Were Never Meant to See” aired on the Fox network Feb 20 2003. The explosive rebuttal showed subpoenaed witness and accused blackmailer Martin Bashir telling a completely different story than the one that made it on air. He said, both to Jackson and Jackson’s staff, such glowing things as “The problem is you see, that nobody, nobody actually comes here and sees it. But I was here yesterday and I saw it, and it’s nothing short of a spiritual kind [of] thing…”. Then he gets on TV during promos, apparently to sell the advertising for the show and to increase the ratings, and says, “One of the most disturbing things is the fact that a lot of disadvantaged children go to Neverland…” This was only one of numerous contradictions that Bashir was caught in; sure to be brought up under cross-examination at trial. But one thing which was not in the Take Two special was an interview with the family defending Jackson. Why not? How is the public supposed to believe this family was “kidnapped” by a “panicked” Jackson, and essentially forced to say nice things about him, when the public wasn’t shown any video or audio of them defending Jackson? Wasn’t that the point, according to the prosecution?