When Did Jackson Ask for Your Sympathy for Having the Flu? – MiniBullet #5

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When Did Jackson Ask for Your Sympathy for Having the Flu? – MiniBullet #5 FEB 20 2005 — Once again I find myself disgusted with media coverage of Michael Jackson’s hospitalization for a severe, viral flu with the last straw being another inane article from local Santa Maria “reporter” Steve Corbett. The media has been rife with speculative nonsense, collectively claiming that Jackson ‘just wants sympathy’ or is ‘being dramatic’. And they lace their pundit’s view with tales of their own illnesses and how they just….took Tylenol and stayed in bed. Probably one of the most ridiculous articles on Jackson’s illness came from Santa Maria Times’s Corbett, completely with whiny, complaining comments from people who probably didn’t like Jackson to begin with. Then they complain about a “ruckus” in the hospital. What they may not realize is that this “ruckus” was not caused by a “queasy” Jackson, but by the media and by city employees who are duty-bound to protect him. But Corbett’s crowd of quoted locals aren’t the only one’s taking leave of their senses. What some of these jaded lunatics don’t seem to understand is that 1) Jackson has never asked them for their sympathy, 2) He probably couldn’t give two craps about whether the media ‘feels sorry’ for him, 3) Not even Michael Jackson can fake a viral-based flu, and 4) Just because your flu didn’t land you in the emergency room, it doesn’t mean Jackson’s faking. To be more blunt: You ain’t Michael Jackson. Given the media’s history of treating him like garbage, I highly doubt Jackson is wishing, hoping or praying that the media – who all act like tabloids when it comes to stories about him – would suddenly ‘feel sorry’ for him. He hasn’t asked for the public’s sympathy on this issue. He didn’t ask the media to camp outside the hospital or to be pissed off when his doctors abide by the doctor-patient confidentiality privilege and not reveal everything they know about his condition. Jackson hasn’t said anything. The public probably wouldn’t have even known he was sick had he not been rushed to the hospital. One nurse is quoted in Corbett’s commentary as saying “Are we in for six more months of this? Every time MJ gets upset?” Ah I see! The doctor kept a vomiting, nauseated, flu suffering Jackson for 2 days and 1 night in a hospital because he was….. “upset”? No. Not only is that an insult to Jackson, but an insult to the doctors treating him. No way in hell they would have kept him most of the day and overnight ‘just because….’. Someone should have relayed to the grouchy nurse that sometimes people get sick; even Michael Jackson. I damn sure wouldn’t want a nurse with her type of “bedside manner” looking after me, though. It’s an especially asinine comment given the fact that this is the first time Jackson has gotten sick enough not to be able to go to court. This hasn’t been a repeating occurrence. I suppose when Tom Mesreau’s sister pasted away, god rest her soul, this nurse would have accused him of lying about that too. Disgusting. Coming from these naysayers, it’s also an incredibly ridiculous complaint because according to an ABC News’s Good Morning America (GMA) report on Feb 16 2005, Jackson had not been feeling well for 2 weeks prior. He even stopped his attorneys from asking for a continuance probably because he wanted to get this trial started. Jim Avila reported the following on GMA:

Sources in Jackson’s inner circle tell ABC News that in fact the singer has been sick for about two weeks and that his attorneys had thought about asking for a delay. But that it was Jackson himself who said ‘no’.

(see GMA: Avilla sources say Jackson was sick 2 weeks prior to hospital stay (Feb 16 2005))

In the grand scheme of things and judging by the way the media has acted with Jackson, I highly doubt Jackson cares all that much about inane comments from a nurse. It’s not Jackson being overly dramatic. The media, and that nurse, should really get over themselves on this issue. As mentioned above, not even Jackson can fake a viral-based flu. Since he’s human – whether the media wants to recognize that fact or not – he gets sick. All of the hissy-fits about his illness seem juvenile in retrospect after hearing brief comments from the treating doctor. The favorite talking points had to be the laughable recounting of past flu battles from commentators who don’t seem to understand that Jackson isn’t them. In one breath, they call him weird and strange, while in another breath chiding him for not responding to a viral flu like they would respond to it. Obviously, this wasn’t a regular flu or else there wouldn’t have been the need to go to the hospital. We’re struck with such pearls of wisdom from one pundit as ‘oh when I had the flu, I took some Contact and was fine. I never had to go to the hospital’. He’s probably never been 5’11 and 120 pounds with the flu either. Maybe someone should have told this know-nothing pundit before he got on the air and ran his mouth that he and Jackson have two different bodies. You’d think they would have learned this in pre-school, but apparently it has to be repeated to these “normal” grown-ass men and women. If you can work a 16 hour work day with the flu, hat’s off to ya. But don’t get on Jackson’s case because he can’t. Another lame excuse for their ridicule is “Who goes to the hospital for the flu? Why didn’t he just stay in bed?” Oh yeah, that makes sense! Jackson could have just called up the judge and said ‘Hey judge, I’m sick. I know that everyone’s at the courthouse waiting for me, but I’m gonna stay home in bed ‘cause I’m not feeling well’. Ridiculous! The media would have screamed bloody murder if Jackson just…. ‘called in sick’ and stayed home in bed in the middle of jury selection. The first thing they would have said is ‘Oh yeah? If he’s so sick, why didn’t’ he go to the hospital?’ So he goes to the hospital and has to stay overnight, and instead of dealing with that, they claim he’s faking. This damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t hypocrisy is on level of ridiculousness that not even I could have fathomed months ago. Instead of dealing with the reality of the situation for what it is, some people prefer to mock and ridicule; something lazy members of the press always do with Jackson. Maybe that’s where they get it from? Shame. -MJEOL

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