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[b]LeGrand responds[/b] Former Michael Jackson attorney David LeGrand, who moved to Las Vegas two years ago, responded Sunday to a former Jackson rep’s allegations. Ann Gabriel, hired briefly by LeGrand to handle crisis management and public relations for Jackson, told a California grand jury investigating child molestation charges against the pop singer that LeGrand indicated the mother of the accuser would be portrayed as a “crack whore.” “Some people are incredibly creative at reinventing reality to suit their own needs and make themselves feel important, especially people who have failed at various careers,” LeGrand said in an e-mail Sunday. “Just because someone interprets an event does not make that interpretation the truth or an accurate reflection of what occurred.” He said Gabriel was fired from the Jackson team “within days of being engaged to assist with PR strategy because she wanted to go on live television nationwide as the spokeswoman for Mr. Jackson. “Even though she was specifically instructed not to do so, she was ready to proceed until legal counsel in L.A. stopped her. As a result her role in assisting with PR matters was terminated. Perhaps her interpretation of events is tainted by her abrupt termination?” Gabriel, who is listed as a Las Vegas businesswoman, could not be reached for comment. Source: http://www.reviewjournal.com/lvrj_home/2005/Feb-21-Mon-2005/news/25907535.html (This article is in response to the following article): http://www.reviewjournal.com/lvrj_home/2005/Feb-19-Sat-2005/news/25898220.html

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