Jackson Jury Selected without African-Americans – MJEOL Bullet #247

Jackson Jury Selected without African-Americans – MJEOL Bullet #247 FEB 23 2005 – The jury currently selected to hear the prosecution’s alleged “case” against Michael Jackson has been seated in less than 3 full days. There is not a single African American on the panel of reportedly 8 women and 4 men. The prosecution removed both of the remaining blacks in the pool through their peremptory challenges. Conflicting reports set the jury makeup as 8 whites, 3 Hispanics, and 1 Asian. However, some reports set the number at 7 whites, 4 Hispanics and 1 Asian. According to news reports, the jurors range in age from 20 years old to 79 years old. They have various occupations. But as “varied” as the panel is, it’s probably going to be known as the “all white jury” as opposed to the attitudes of the people on it. Some of those who made the cut are very interesting indeed. One of the women allowed to sit on this panel has an extensive history of sexual abuse in her family. Mesereau wanted to question the woman further in the Judge’s chambers as agreed upon previously by this same judge. Inexplicably, he refused to allow further questioning of her by the defense. Prosecution supporter Ann Bremner said on Court TV (Feb 23 2005) that she was surprised the judge didn’t allow defense attorney Mesereau to follow up in the judge’s chambers. As good as she may look to the prosecution, this could come back to bite the prosecution in their proverbial asses, however. She may not take too kindly to the behavior of the accuser’s mother in this “case”: the mother not calling the police when she claims she saw Jackson abusing her son on a plane ride and the mother going to a civil attorney after she claims she “escaped” from Neverland, instead of going to the police and pressing charges. These are simply a few examples.

Jackson Jury Selected – No blacks Update #2

Breaking News: Jackson Jury Selected, Not one African American on the Panel Update #2 Feb 23 2005 — The jury in the Michael Jackson “case” has been selected in less than 3 full days. There is not a single African American person on the jury. There are 8 women and 4 men: 1 Asian, 3 Hispanic, 8 Whites. Some reports say that there are: 1 Asian, 4 Hispanics, 7 Whites. Apparently news from Court TV says that the judge has set opening statements to begin Monday, Feb 28 2005. On the panel is one disabled man who visted Neverland with his Cerebal Palsy group when he was in the 6th grade. Also on the jury is one woman with a history of abuse in her family. A rundown of the jurors were compiled by indy research ‘TSColdman’ and posted at MJJF: