Jackson Jury Selected – No blacks Update #2

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Breaking News: Jackson Jury Selected, Not one African American on the Panel Update #2 Feb 23 2005 — The jury in the Michael Jackson “case” has been selected in less than 3 full days. There is not a single African American person on the jury. There are 8 women and 4 men: 1 Asian, 3 Hispanic, 8 Whites. Some reports say that there are: 1 Asian, 4 Hispanics, 7 Whites. Apparently news from Court TV says that the judge has set opening statements to begin Monday, Feb 28 2005. On the panel is one disabled man who visted Neverland with his Cerebal Palsy group when he was in the 6th grade. Also on the jury is one woman with a history of abuse in her family. A rundown of the jurors were compiled by indy research ‘TSColdman’ and posted at MJJF:

[b]TSColdMan Today, 04:34 PM[/b] Rundown of 12 Jurors Seat 1 Juror #66 Male Age 62 Engineer Believes media can be influencial Seat 2 Juror #80 Male Age 63 Retired Seat 3 Juror #108 Female Age 50 Horse rainer Thinks Michael Jackson is a wonderful entertainer Gives animal therapy to abused children Seat 4 Juror #26 Female Age 51 High School Teacher Seat 5 Juror #100 Female Age 79 Retired Her children love Michael Jackson Seat 6 Juror #157 Female Age 22 Physical Therapist Aide Seat 7 Juror #107 Female Age 42 Special Ed Aide Sister was the victim of sexual assualt as young girl Seat 8 Juror #151 Female Age 39 Senior Office Specialist Seat 9 Juror #88 Female Age 45 Unemployed Seat 10 Juror #153 Male Age 20 Assistant Head Cashier Hispanic His brother-in-law has a sister who works for Michael Jackson’s doctor His sister and her boyfriend did go to Neverland Ranch Seat 11 Juror #101 Male Age 21 Student Disabled [Wheelchair] – Writes about car racing Visited Neverland when he was in 6th grade Seat 12 Juror #77 Female Age 44 Social Service Worker Believes children can be influenced by their parents

Stay tuned the MJEOL forums for the latest info about this latest development.

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