Opening Statements Begin Today

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Opening statements begin today (Feb 28 2005) in the Michael Jackson so-called “case”. Already from media time-filling conjecture from pundits, you can tell they have no understanding about the basic facts of this “case”. For example, one pundit was heard asking a question as to whether or not the defense will get up and argue that their client “sleeps in bed with little boys” in and effort to “diffuse” a prosecution argument. Of course these pundits don’t know any better. And when you don’t know any better, you make asinine comments like that. The facts are that Jackson has never said he “sleeps in bed with little boys”. As a matter of fact, the accuser is on tape specifically saying that he’s never slept in the same bed with Jackson. Thus, the foundation of these very arguments and discussions are flawed and unstable. All of this is just to say that you have to be careful today what you listen to and, specifically, who you listen to. Use your common sense. For real news, stay tuned to the official Feb 28 2005 topic discussion for all the latest news, photos and other info:

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