March 2 2005 Trial UPDATE #1

MARCH 2 2005 (3PM EST) — The PR alleged “expert” called by the prosecution is current having her credibility completely destroyed, and it seems rightly so, by Michael Jackson’s defense team. Ann Gabriel (Ann Kite is her real name), was called by prosecutors in an attempt to corroborate the alleged “conspiracy” story. As we’ve learned from previous news reports, Mesereau brought out in court that Gabriel has never even met Jackson, never been to Neverland, and never met the accusing family. According to early reports, she set herself up as some kind of “PR expert”/crisis management “expert” for celebrities, and it turns out she’s only ever had 1 other sort of famous client: a man who does infomercials in Las Vegas. Sky news reports that there was a murmur around the courtroom that no one had ever heard of the man. Also brought out in court is the fact that she was only working with Jackson’s attorney for a grand total of 6 days. If you’ll remember, previous articles had claimed she was on the job for 3 weeks. Well it confirmed as only being 6 days. Early reports from CNN and MSNBC say that Mesereau has quickly turned her into “a wash” as a witness and can’t understand why the prosecution called her. During a discussion on Fox news’s Studio B, the defense attorney says she’s turning out to be a defense witness because the defense can make the point that it’s preposterous that they would bring in a “PR crisis” manager and all be in a panic and only THEN Jackson would start to allegedly molest the accuser. A Sky News update says that Mesereau had successfully stripped Gabriel of her credibility. Mesereau has had her under cross-examination for a while now. She’s been on the stand in total, along with prosecution’s direct examination, approx. 4 hours. Stay tuned for further updates.

Bombshell Galore on Second Day of Opening Statements – MiniBullet #8

Bombshell Galore on Second Day of Opening Statements – MiniBullet #8 Update #1 MARCH 2 2005 — To call what was revealed in court yesterday (March 1 2005) as a “bombshell” is an extreme understatement. The defense from what was reported by the media, really revealed an incredible amount of information. Although there were a number of things that came out, the media still prefers to focus on speculation about whether or not Jackson will testify. Well, let’s talk about a few of the actual facts which came out in court instead of speculating about something that may happen in the future. Court TV wisely decided to put another reporter on the Jackson trial along with tabloid reporter Diane Dimond. It was in incredibly marked improvement over their coverage of this “case” thus far. Savannah Guthrie actually provided insight into what was said in court by the defense without trying to explain it away first or without throwing in unfounded speculation from unnamed “sources”. Headline number one would have to be that the defense says they will show that Jackson wasn’t even at Neverland to commit any molestation during some of the prosecution’s timeline of alleged “abuse”. This is huge. The Arvizo family, including Gavin (the accuser) mysteriously doesn’t seem to know the dates of when they were alleged molested/kidnapped/abducted/threatened/whatever. It seems intentionally vague, but they gave a timeline. Well Jackson can prove he wasn’t even at Neverland during at least some if not all if the prosecution’s timeline. Good lord. As one observer asked, “How’d this end up in court?”