Bombshell Galore on Second Day of Opening Statements – MiniBullet #8

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Bombshell Galore on Second Day of Opening Statements – MiniBullet #8 Update #1 MARCH 2 2005 — To call what was revealed in court yesterday (March 1 2005) as a “bombshell” is an extreme understatement. The defense from what was reported by the media, really revealed an incredible amount of information. Although there were a number of things that came out, the media still prefers to focus on speculation about whether or not Jackson will testify. Well, let’s talk about a few of the actual facts which came out in court instead of speculating about something that may happen in the future. Court TV wisely decided to put another reporter on the Jackson trial along with tabloid reporter Diane Dimond. It was in incredibly marked improvement over their coverage of this “case” thus far. Savannah Guthrie actually provided insight into what was said in court by the defense without trying to explain it away first or without throwing in unfounded speculation from unnamed “sources”. Headline number one would have to be that the defense says they will show that Jackson wasn’t even at Neverland to commit any molestation during some of the prosecution’s timeline of alleged “abuse”. This is huge. The Arvizo family, including Gavin (the accuser) mysteriously doesn’t seem to know the dates of when they were alleged molested/kidnapped/abducted/threatened/whatever. It seems intentionally vague, but they gave a timeline. Well Jackson can prove he wasn’t even at Neverland during at least some if not all if the prosecution’s timeline. Good lord. As one observer asked, “How’d this end up in court?” Jackson attorney Tom Mesereau made the devastating announcement during the second part of his opening statement. He says they will show that Jackson once found the accuser and brother rifling through his things, including his adult material, and that Jackson was horrified. He said Jackson snatched the magazines from them and locked them in a briefcase. This would explain why the accuser and his brother’s fingerprint were found on one of the magazines. Remember it isn’t even alleged that Jackson molested the younger brother, Star Arvizo, so why they would alleged that Jackson was showing the younger brother porn is beyond a number of observers’ understanding. It would also explain why the accuser knew where Jackson kept his adult material. Earlier in this “case”, many pundits made a big deal of how the accuser would have known where Jackson’s adult magazines were. What will be interesting to see is if Jackson told anyone else at the time he caught these kids in his stuff or , better yet, if any one else caught them doing the same thing as well. A very many number of people have reportedly described the accuser and his brother as being “disruptive”, rude, “rough and tumble” and vulgar, including director Brett Ratner . Ratner told Fox news over a year ago that the accuser once told him to “go to hell” on the set of his movie, Rush Hour 2 with Chris Tucker. From that Feb 24 2004 report titled “”:

“[The boy] would sit in my director’s chair. When I told him to get up, he’d tell me to go to hell.” Ratner said, “He used to tell me, ‘Brett, I don’t like the last shot’ while he was watching us make the movie. He’s telling me how to make my movie! He’s more street smart than I was at that age. If someone tried to fondle him, he’d punch them in the face. He’s an adult. I think the jury will see that.” (see ‘Rush Hour’ Actor, Director: Inside Info on [Jackson] – Fox)

Not exactly innocent little babes in the woods of the big, bad Neverland. Another enormously important fact revealed by Mesereau today is that no DNA from either the accuser or his brother was found anywhere in Jackson’s bedroom. This was first reported months ago in a pre-trial hearing by Mesereau. At first, the prosecution tried to allege that they found some type of DNA evidence through their favorite reporter (Dimond). Well we now know that there was no DNA evidence found. If you recall, police seized Jackson’s mattress in desperate hopes of confirming claims made by the accuser. The much-hyped DNA testing on the mattress revealed absolutely nothing. As a matter of fact, this was reported by the Santa Barbara News-Press in an article dated Nov 5 2004:

Mr. Mesereau told the court that the accuser’s DNA was not found on Mr. Jackson’s mattress seized during the Neverland raid. If the forensic tests had been positive, prosecutors would have had a physical link to the allegations. (see NO DNA found of the Accuser in Jackson’s Bedroom; Mother depositing welfare checks )

And prosecution apologists like tabloid reporter Dimond made much of the fact that Jackson’s mattress was taken, complete with dramatic pauses and insidious insinuations as well. This begs the question of whether or not grand jurors knew about this before they handed down an indictment. Another weird fact is that none of these alleged “co-conspirators” have been charged with anything. You can’t participate in a conspiracy by yourself. Some observers speculate that if Sneddon were to try to charge these people, in will come an entire plethora of information on top of what already will come in against the mother. He may also have to bifurcate the entire “case”, splitting the “conspiracy” allegation from the main “case”. And without the alleged “conspiracy”, the alleged “molestation” collapses. Accused blackmailer Martin Bashir was also on the stand for the first time today, although he didn’t want to answer any questions. He took what some consider to be the reporters’ version of pleading the 5th, by citing the California shield law. Observers were not only incredibly disappointed by more importantly highly suspicious of Bashir’s actions. Reportedly, there was “28 objections” to Mesereau’s questions within a half hour. This had the effect on some observers to begin questioning what Bashir has to hide. It also cast a shadow of doubt on Bashir’s credibility, not to mention making him look all the more slimy. If he has no problems running his mouth on TV by way of these defamatory “specials”, then he should have no problems telling his story under oath. What is it about journalists who think they are above the law? They have no absolute right to get away with tainting the jury pool, producing no less than 3 programs about the subject matter for which they’ve been called to testify, and essentially refuse to answer any questions in a court of law. They jury will have problems with this behavior. I hope ABC likes their new purchase, with all the problems he’s caused them and will probably continue to cause until his contract runs out….or until they buy it out. We’ll have more on the absolutely disgusting behavior of Bashir in the future, including how he planned to set Jackson up to make money…..his words, not ours. The family’s dastardly behavior is almost too much to take in. There are a litany of things the defense has uncovered about the family soon to be discussed here. Stay tuned. -MJEOL

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