MJ LAWYERS ‘HAPPY’ – Sister Admits No One told Them They Couldn’t Leave

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[b]MJ LAWYERS ‘HAPPY'[/b] Michael Jackson’s defence team has indicated it is happy with the way in which the singer’s child abuse trial has gone in its first week. Jackson’s defence attorney, Thomas Mesereau, went on the counter-attack when he savaged the credibility of the family whose allegations have brought him to court. As he left the courtroom, in the southern Californian town of Santa Maria, Jackson told reporters: “It went very good.” On Day Five of the trial, jurors were shown a video in which the young cancer patient who accused Jackson of molestation lavished praise on the star. In the film, both Gavin Arvizo, now 14, and his mother Janet described the 46-year-old as a father figure who they called “Daddy”. Jackson’s lawyer queried prosecution claims that the singer had plotted to abduct the family and hold them prisoner until they agreed to make the video. During cross-examination, he got the boy’s 18-year-old sister Davellin to concede that she, her mother and two brothers had not tried to raise the alarm while allegedly held prisoner. [b]”Did you ever hear anybody scream ‘Help, we’re being held against our will’?” Mr Mesereau asked the accuser’s sister. “No, none of us said that,” she replied. The woman admitted that aides to the star had never told them they could not leave the sprawling estate where she said earlier that she had been afraid.[/b] She also told how she had previously filed a police report accusing her father of molesting and falsely imprisoning her and making “terrorist threats.” And, during several hours of frequently contradictory testimony, she admitted she had lied about key details of the case in an interview with social workers before Jackson’s arrest. Source: http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,91090-1173430,00.html

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