Sister Testimony Dismantled, Family Not Coerced on Video – MiniBullet #10

Sister Testimony Dismantled, Family Not Coerced on Video – MiniBullet #10 MARCH 6 2005 — Michael Jackson’s defense attorney Tom Mesereau is methodically dismantling the testimony of the accuser’s sister, Davellin Arvizo, under cross-examination (cross), which began Friday (March 4 2005) and will continue March 7 2005. Like we and many “case” observers predicted, the cross and not the direct testimony (direct) would be the true test as to whether the sister was “credible” or not. What’s more is courtroom observers have come to the conclusion concerning the veracity of her claims themselves while sitting there witnessing it. If you remember, under direct examination many courtroom observers, analysts, and pundits claimed that the sister came off as a “credible witness” and wondered how and/or if the defense could question some of her claims. After the first day of D. Arvizo’s testimony, every nut-job, pro-prosecution reporter and hysterical prosecutor claimed it was “over,” that she sister was “credible,” and that her testimony was “strong.” March 4 2005 began for the prosecution with them continuing their direct examination of D. Arvizo. During direct, they played the never before seen video of the Arvizo family saying wonderful things about Michael Jackson, made Feb 19-20 2003. Reportedly, the video is about 65 minutes long. For clarification, the rebuttal video played in court March 4 has never been broadcast. It was NOT a part of the 2003 Jackson rebuttal video “Take Two: The Footage You Were Never Meant to See”. That “Take Two…” interview was broadcast on the Fox network. As you know, and like MJEOL as well as the fan community have been saying since last year, the prosecutor has yet to explain why Jackson’s people would kidnap a family of four to get them to do a video to rehabilitate his image, and then not even show that video to the public. Bradley Miller, who was interviewed by MSNBC’s Dan Abrams – before he was subpoenaed – says the reason why the family’s interview wasn’t used as part of the “Take Two…” footage was because the mother didn’t want to sign a release stating that she gave up her rights to collect money to appear in the video.

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