Did the Media Mediate Abuse Case Against Michael Jackson?

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[b] Did the Media Mediate Abuse Case Against Michael Jackson? [/b] [i]Written by Obiechena Sunday, 06 March 2005[/i] Over the past two years, much hubbub has been made regarding entertainer Michael Jackson and his propensity of having children unrelated to him sleep in his bedroom. This is not meant to be a debate as to the perceived appropriateness or inappropriateness of the practice, nor is it an examination per se of the mechanics surrounding it. This is instead a look at the role the media has played in assisting with the creation of the molestation charges for which Jackson is currently on trial. Recalling the firestorm of negative publicity that the documentary “Living with Michael Jackson” generated in February 2003, one is almost left to wonder if the over-the-top reaction to the program was at all intentionally calculated. Of course, this is all merely speculation at this point. However, in retrospect, was the “storm” intentional? Although the documentary was largely sympathetic towards Jackson, and many felt the pop star had been exploited by its brooding creator Martin Bashir, very little discussion went into the disingenuous tactics used by the interviewer to get Jackson to open up and speak candidly. The unexpected dark turn of the program was signaled by way of dramatic music and voiceovers by Bashir, who said he found aspects of the entertainer and his life to be “disturbing,” particularly Jackson’s fondness for children. Before the program had made its westward cross over the Atlantic, the media was already abuzz over statements Jackson had made in regards to sharing his bed with children unrelated to him. As if on cue, self-described “civil rights/victim’s rights advocate” Gloria Allred called a press conference, as usual, to ask Santa Barbara authorities to look into Jackson’s fitness as a parent and investigate statements he made about having children in his bedroom. Read the full article here: Source: http://www.ladiesandgents.net/mjcasecom/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=43&Itemid=2 :popcorn

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