March 7 2005 Trial Update #2

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MARCH 7 2005 (2:45PM ET) — The accuser’s brother, Star Arvizo, is still on the stand under direct examination by the prosecutor. Already there are contradictions of what he said previously and what the sister testified to. Mind you, this is still under direct. According to Court TV’s Savannah Guthrie, S. Arvizo said that on a plane ride from Florida after the Bashir documentary aired, he saw Jackson with a coke can and the accuser with another can, allegedly drinking alcohol. However, during the sister’s testimony, she says that Gavin Arvizo (the accuser) and Jackson shared the exact same can on the plane. She also reports that the brother seems to know what Sneddon will ask before he asks it. She cited two examples of situations where the prosecution would ask a “generic” question, but then the brother would go on to testify directly about things the prosecutor would, in succeeding questions, ask him. The brother has also testified that he had codes to Jackson’s bedroom. This is important because some pro-prosecution pundits were screaming at the top of their lungs that these children wouldn’t have access to Jackson’s “bedroom” because of the locks. The defense says these kids essentially would run amok and would be in Jackson’s room even when he was there. Going back to the accuser’s sister’s testimony for a minute: The defense caught her to two other contradictions on the stand today during cross-examination, which was before the brother took the stand. According to reports, the accuser’s sister testified that she didn’t know anything about the JC Penney case in which her mother accused security guards of sexual assault. She claimed she was too young, didn’t remember and didn’t know anything about it. Yet, under cross-examination, it was revealed that she was there when Gavin Arvizo, the accuser, gave his deposition in that case. She also testified under oath that she didn’t know who Bradley Miller was. Yet, on the audio tape interview with the family, Miller is heard telling the entire family that he is a private investigator working for Mark Geragos. And he says this twice to the family. Stay tuned for further updates.

MARCH 7 2005 (2:12PM ET) — The accuser’s sister, Davellin Arvizo, finished up cross-examination today. The defense played the tape made on Feb 16 2003 of the family again saying that nothing untoward happened to them and talking about what a wonderful person Michael Jackson is. This tape was made at the residence of current step-father, Maj. Jay Jackson. This wasn’t made at Neverland or at any of the places they claimed they were “held hostage”. It was just Miller and the family right during the time when they now claim to had been abducted and kept at Neverland. An interesting fact was reported by MSNBC’s Mike Taibbi. He says on the tape the accuser tells Mark Geragos’s private investigator, Bradley Miller, about sleeping arrangements. During a sleepover, he says he and his brother slept in Jackson bed, while Jackson and Frank Tyson slept on the floor. Although I didn’t catch Taibbi’s report from the very beginning, I did get the following information. From Taibbi’s March 7 2005 report:

MIKE TAIBBI: …The young boy saying, “Michael slept on the floor, ” “Frank,” referring to Frank Tyson, “also slept on the floor.” One of Michael’s security people or associates. “Me and my brother slept on the bed. Michael would sleep on the floor.”

This is important information because before now, there wasn’t yet confirmation that there was anyone else in Jackson’s personal living quarters (bedroom) when the accuser would sleep in Jackson’s bed. The accuser’s brother, ironically named Star, is currently on the stand. He has reportedly also had his first contradiction already. According to Fox’s Trace Gallagher, today he testified that on the first night at Jackson’s Neverland ranch, he slept in a guest house with his parents. This isn’t what he told the grand jury. He testified then that on the first night, both he and his brother slept in Jackson’s bedroom. And this is all before cross-examination by the defense. Stay tuned for the latest.

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