Cross-examination Full of Questionable Testimony – MJEOL Bullet #250

Cross-examination Full of Questionable Testimony – MJEOL Bullet #250 MARCH 8 2005 – The first day of cross-examination of the accuser’s sister, Davellin Arvizo, was highly interesting to say the least. She was caught in lies before, she confessed that she’d made molestation allegation against her father at the mother’s urging, and she admitted that she was previously picked and chosen when to tell the truth and when to lie. Her cross-examination continued Monday, March 7 2005. Thanks to the powerhouse, we have access to the official court transcripts and will be citing excerpts form the official transcripts of testimony while writing about this so-called “case”. But just what did she testify to under cross. What we’ve found out through the transcripts is that the interview with the three Los Angeles Dept of Child & Family Services (DCFS) social workers occurred in Major Jay Jackson’s house, reportedly Feb 21 2003. And yet, you got it, right in the middle of the timeline when they claim to had been kidnapped/held hostage at Neverland and various other places. This meeting with the DCFS took place after the rebuttal interview with them was filmed at Jackson’s videographer’s (Hamid Moslehi) house. Through cross-examination, the public learned that it wasn’t just Moslehi, the family and some family-alleged kidnapper watching over them. Also at the taping of that rebuttal interview was Chris Tucker’s girlfriend at the time, Aja. The Arvizo’s are no longer close to Tucker or Aja, according to the sister’s testimony. Under cross-examination, the defense attorney was able to bring out the fact that Santa Barbara sheriff’s deputy, Steve Robel, gave the accuser’s sister a copy of the interview they gave at Moslehi’s house to “refresh her memory”.

808 6 Q. And who did you call? 7 A. Steve Robel. 8 Q. And he’s a Santa Barbara Sheriff? 9 A. Yes. 10 Q. Did he call you or did you call him? 11 A. I called him. Because I was concerned, 12 because I didn’t want to be questioned on something 13 I don’t know about. 14 Q. Well, how did you know the rebuttal tape was 15 going to be shown today? 16 A. Well, because they gave me the CD to review 17 so I could refresh my memory. Nobody was sitting 18 there with me. 19 Q. And who was “they”? 20 A. Well, Steve Robel brought it over to me, and 21 I reviewed it. 22 Q. Was that last night? 23 A. Yes. (pg 808 of March 4 2005 transcript)

To “refresh her memory”? I guess when you’ve told so many different stories, you need a reminder sometimes. Moving on.