March 8 2005 Trial – UPDATE #1

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Brother Lies about Key Evidence NBC News and news services Updated: 2:07 p.m. ET March 8, 2005SANTA MARIA, Calif. – The brother of Michael Jackson’s accuser has admitted lying under oath in another case. Jackson’s attorney began his cross-examination of the 14-year-old Tuesday. On Monday, the teen gave crucial and graphic testimony, saying he’d twice seen the pop star molest his sleeping brother. On Tuesday, the boy admitted lying during a deposition for his mother’s civil lawsuit against J.C. Penney. In that case, he swore that his mother and father never fought and that his father never hit him. Earlier today, the boy said Jackson once told him and his brother not to reveal what happened “even if they put a gun to your head.” But it’s unclear what incident Jackson may have been referring to. Other testimony from the boy prompted an audible reaction from onlookers in court. The brother of the accuser had testified on direct examination that Jackson showed him a specific issue of Hustler Barely Legal magazine shortly after the family and the singer returned from Miami in February of 2003. [b]During his cross examination, Jackson’s attorney Tom Mesereau elicited testimony that the family claims it left Neverland, Jackson’s ranch, for the last time in March 2003. The attorney then confronted the boy with the very issue the boy had said he’d been shown and pointed out it was dated August, 2003 — after the family says it had left Neverland.[/b] The boy then said the particular magazine issue in question was “like” the one he’d been shown. Source:

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