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[b]Aggressive Questioning of Jackson Accuser[/b] Mar 10, 2005 4:18 pm US/Pacific SANTA MARIA (CBS 5) With an aggressive cross-examination of the boy who’s accusing Michael Jackson of molestation, defense attorney Tom Mesereau may have uncovered a motive for why he says the boy made up the whole story. [b]The boy first went to Jackson’s Neverland ranch when he was undergoing chemotherapy treatments. But the boy said Jackson didn’t act like the true friend he thought he was, saying other celebrities had been more helpful, and that he was upset with the singer. Mesereau then asked who else had invited the boy’s entire family into their home, and gave them an SUV, and put them up in a resort in Florida — all things that Jackson did for the accuser. “He gave Mesereau what he was looking for,” said legal analyst Laurie Levenson. “He gave Mesereau a boy who’s mad at Michael Jackson, and he’s going to get back at him.”[/b] Under questioning from prosecutor Tom Sneddon, the boy gave detailed accounts of how he says Jackson masturbated him twice. He said Jackson told him men have to masturbate, otherwise they could get to a level where they might rape a girl. Then he said Jackson put his hand in the boy’s pajama bottoms and touched him. “It isn’t his believability that’s the only issue,” said legal analyst Trent Copeland. “It’s whether his story he tells lines up with his brother and sister’s.” [b]The boy’s brother said Jackson once walked naked in front of them, aroused. But the accuser never mentioned the arousal. The boy’s brother also said Jackson and the accuser made obscene phone calls from a plane. The accuser said he didn’t.[/b] Jackson showed up to court late Thursday after visiting a hospital. “He tripped this morning, and he fell in the early-morning hours while he was getting dressed,” said Brian Oxman, an attorney for Jackson. “His back is in terrible pain. He was in terrible discomfort during the entire trial proceedings.” Jackson looked even paler than usual Thursday despite the heavy layers of makeup he wears. He seemed to struggle to sit down and stand up during the trial… Source:

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