MJEOL Bullet #253 Preview

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[b]MJEOL Bullet #253 Preview:[/b] MARCH 16 2005 — To once again use an overly used phrase, there were more bombshells in court. This time, outed by Michael Jackson defense attorney Robert Sanger under cross-examination (cross) of police detective Steve Robel. Through his cross, the defense showed that this so-called “incriminating” adult material may not be as “weird” or incriminating as prosecutors claimed. Robel testified as to items seized from Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. The first thing Sanger did was to make Robel admit that none of the witnesses saw any of this material; ie none of this adult material was seen or is even alleged to have been show to this accusing family. Sanger made Robel clarify for the jury that none of the adult material and art books seized from Jackson’s home are in any way illegal. The attorney also got Robel to admit he urged the family to pursue these allegations; something he blamed on police training. Also appearing on the stand yesterday was Terry Flaa, a former sheriff’s investigator who decided not to investigate Jackson base don two child welfare complaints to the LA Dept of Children & Family Services (DCFS). The DCFS did investigate and found the allegations to be unfounded. More soon….

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