March 21 2005 Trial Update #3

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[b]Jackson tells aide his back is killing him[/b] SANTA MARIA, Calif. A spokeswoman for Michael Jackson says the pop singer told her he’s having severe and sometimes excruciating back pain. Raymone Bain says Jackson told her last night “his back was killing him.” Jackson arrived at court today a few minutes late and looked feeble. He was walking slowly and stiffly into court. The singer trembled and wept at the defense table as lawyers and a doctor who came to court in hospital scrubs conferred with the judge in chambers. The judge, who previously threatened to arrest Jackson and revoke his bail when he was late on March tenth, gave no explanation of what was discussed and simply ordered testimony to resume. Source:

MARCH 21 2005 (4:08PM EST) — The prosecution called an expert to the stand to try to explain why the accuser wouldn’t tell anybody he was allegedly molested or why he would deny it. Reports are very scarce because of coverage of the Terry Shiavo situation. But one point Tom Mesereau made under cross-examination is to establish the fact that this psychologist has never dealt with children who have made false accusations. This is odd. Observers who have a background in this field has basically said it is damn near unheard of for a child psychologist who touts himself/herself as an “expert” to have no experience at all in dealing with false accusations. One observer even sarcastically remarked that the prosecution’s psychologist must be “king-god-of-the-psychologists to never have had a patient make a false allegation” in all his supposed experience in dealing with children. This expert, however, may not be able to explain why the brother — who allegedly “witnessed” molestation — said nothing. Nor can this excuse explain away why the sister said nothing about allegedly being given alcohol. More updates as we get them.

Jackson trial delayed after pained star cuts his court arrival fine AFP SANTA MARIA, United States (AFP) – Michael Jackson’s trial was delayed after he arrived with just seconds to spare ahead of the start of proceedings, and then left the court minutes later helped by aides. The latest courthouse drama came less than two weeks after the embattled star turned up at court more than an hour late, wearing his pyjamas and slippers, prompting a furious trial Judge Rodney Melville to issue an arrest warrant for his arrest. Minutes after his arrival on Monday, a distressed-looking Jackson was helped from the courtroom with the aid of two people, one wearing a baseball jacket over medical scrubs, while prosecutors and defence lawyers met in the judge’s chambers. It was unclear where Jackson went, but it appeared he may have been helped to a bathroom, observers said. The judge met with Jackson’s lawyer Tom Mesereau and prosecutor Tom Sneddon for about 10 minutes, before Mesereau left the courtroom. It was unclear why Jackson was almost late for the hearing or if the back injury he sustained on March 10 was the reason for his apparent pain. He was rushed to a hospital emergency room on March 10 after tripping while dressing for court, causing a delay that nearly earned him jail time. Source:

MARCH 21 2005 (12:15PM EST) — Michael Jackson arrived today to court with his doctor seemingly in a lot of pain today. As you know, he injured his back a few days ago. Stay tuned to this thread for up-to-the-minute updates:

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