March 29 2005 Trial Update #1.7

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MARCH 29 2005 (6:30 PM ET) — Another stunning blow to the prosecution in the current case came by way of their own witness, flight attendant Cynthia Bell. This supposed prosecution witness completely blew holes in the accusing family’s allegations. Prosecutors called Bell to corroborate the fact that Michael Jackson sometimes drinks wine out of a diet coke can. On the stand, she said she served Jackson white wine on that flight back from Florida to California that has become a point of contention. She didn’t serve Jackson red wine. At one point, if you remember, the accuser’s brother, Star Arvizo said — although he’s changed the story several times — at one time he saw his brother on that flight with either a coke can or sprite can with red around the rim, indicated red wine. Well, reportedly Bell says she served Jackson white wine. Under cross-examination came bombshell after bombshell about the accusing family. According to Savannah Guthrie (Court TV), Bell testified in front of the jury that it was initially HER idea to put the alcohol in a coke can, not Michael Jackson’s. She also lambasted the accuser, Gavin Arvizo. She said that on that flight, he was extremely rude, discourteous, loud and obnoxious, reports Guthrie. Now remember, this is before the prosecution is alleging any “abuse” occurred. Bell said it was an embarrassment to have the accuser on board basically because he was just such a terrible passenger. Thus, these prosecution-sympathizers can’t claim that this disruptive behavior suddenly started after alleged “abuse”. In fact, the accuser has a very long history of being a discipline problem well before he ever met Jackson. Bell also laid another bombshell before the jury: the accuser’s sister, Davellin Arvizo, had a fake ID — which Bell didn’t know was fake at the time. Bell testified that the sister showed her the fake ID after the sister asked to be served alcohol. Reportedly, the sister previously claimed she’d never tasted alcohol before Jackson allegedly gave her some. Well, she had to have had extensive experience with alcohol to have a fake ID readily present to get alcohol when she wanted it. Bell also said under cross examination that she never saw Jackson give any kid alcohol and more importantly, she said she NEVER saw Jackson share that diet coke can of white wine with anybody. This directly refutes the testimony from the accusing family. Bell was an incredibly damaging witness for the prosecution because they didn’t bring up any of this under to direct testimony and it came out under Mesereau’s cross-examination. That’s all we know thus far. When more information becomes available, we’ll update.

MARCH 29 2005 (12:09 PM ET) — No updates as yet. But Michael Jackson arrived at his usual time for court today with a big smile.

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