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[b]Police: No trace of accuser found in Jackson’s bed linen[/b] Friday, April 1, 2005 Posted: 1909 GMT (0309 HKT) SANTA MARIA, California (CNN) — Linens seized by police from Michael Jackson’s bed failed to yield hair, fibers or DNA linked to the teenager accusing him of child molestation or the accuser’s brother, an investigator testified Friday. “We took all bedding,” said Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jeff Klapakis, who oversaw the November 18, 2003, search of Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. No trace of the boy or his brother was found, Klapakis said.. The boy, now 15, and his brother have both claimed they frequently slept in Jackson’s bed, and alleges that is where the molestation took place. On cross-examination, Klapakis said authorities did not test bottles and glasses containing alcohol — found in Jackson’s bedroom as well as the home’s wine cellar and kitchen — for fingerprints. Nor did investigators test furniture, boxes, mannequin toys and rails along Jackson’s stairwell or his bedroom doors for fingerprints. Klapakis told defense attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr., that investigators did test pornographic magazines. The boy’s brother testified Jackson showed them the magazines. A fingerprint analyst has testified the prints of Jackson and his accuser were recovered from the same sexually explicit magazine. Asked on redirect by prosecutors why the glasses and bottles were not tested for prints, Klapakis said, [b]”It didn’t enter in the investigation at the time.”[/b] Jack Green, president of Affordable Telephone Systems, followed Klapakis to the stand. Green inspected Neverland’s telephone system, and testified that Jackson’s private telephone line was able to join in with or listen to conversations on any other line throughout the ranch. [b]Under cross-examination, Green conceded there was nothing unusual about the system, and said that anyone could dial out or call 911 on it.[/b] Attorney Larry Feldman followed Green to the stand. In 1993, Feldman represented the family of another teenage boy who said Jackson molested him. Without admitting guilt, Jackson agreed to a multimillion-dollar settlement to end a civil suit over those charges. … Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2005/LAW/04/01/jackson.trial/

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