MJEOL Bullet Preview

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MJEOL Bullet Preview — Witness Testimony turns into a Pile of Garbage on Cross-examination What other way to give a full view of a witness’s allegation than to have them cross-examined about those allegations. Today was a stunning day in many respects. A day in which jurors heard graphic allegations, which were then completely thrown into the garbage by the actions of the person alleging them. Actually helping to illustrate the DEFENSE’S “cumulative effect” theory, Ralph Chacon and Adrian McManus both testified to either actually witnessing molestation or witnessing “inappropriate behavior’ with Michael Jackson and children. Neither one of these witnesses tried to stop what they claim they witnessed, didn’t call the cops at the time they claim to have witnessed it, didn’t quit their jobs, and only made these allegations after the 1993 lawsuit was filed. The prosecution was obviously hoping that a shock value would make the jurors overlook the 1.5 million tons worth of baggage that all of the prosecution’s witnesses so far carry with them. Stay tuned. There is A LOT to cover since there was so much information brought out under cross-examination. Also Blanca Francia’s cross-examination is still to be discussed.

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