Arvizo Combative, Evasive, Possibly Perjuring Herself on the Stand – MB #258

Arvizo Combative, Evasive, Possibly Perjuring Herself on the Stand – MB #258 Update #1 APRIL 16 2005 — Unbelievable testimony yesterday in the Michael Jackson “case” with the accuser’s mother, Janet Arvizo, being cross-examined by Tom Mesereau. Reportedly, she was evasive, combative, shown to be lying on the stand, and was anything but a fragile “victim” who couldn’t stand up to people. In the interest of time, I’m simply going to list some of the information that came out in court yesterday under cross-examination according to reports from Mike Taibbi (NBC), Trace Gallagher (FOX), Savannah Guthrie (Court TV) as well as comments from a number of legal experts who have appeared on various shows on various networks, and data gathered from different articles: Major Points General Points -It was very contentious. The mother was combative, argumentative, and snide. -Trace Gallagher reported on Dayside (Fox) that Janet Arvizo is being very evasive; skirting the questions —Says she was asked questions 3 and 4 separate times and still unable to give a simple yes or no answer Explosive Bombshell Documents? -According to listeners of 790AM KABC, a Los Angeles Radio Station, Mesereau presented the court with documents with Janet Arvizo’s signature on them where she tells the sheriff’s department that she actually previously launched an investigation into Jackson —She reportedly admitted she started her own “investigation” into Jackson even BEFORE she had actually met him. —Listeners reported that the KABC reporter says Mesereau had the documents officially entered into evidence today. —–Still waiting on confirmation of this information Lying under oath -Under cross, Mesereau got Arvizo to admit that she lied under oath during a deposition for the J.C. Penney lawsuit. —She used “bruises” apparently on her body claiming that they were given to her in her alleged beating by JC Penney guards —Now she’s claiming the bruises were given to her by her ex-husband, David Arvizo in domestic violence dispute —This is important because she’s seemingly falsifying evidence to get over $150,000 in that lawsuit …continue