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Arvizo Combative, Evasive, Possibly Perjuring Herself on the Stand – MB #258 Update #1 APRIL 16 2005 — Unbelievable testimony yesterday in the Michael Jackson “case” with the accuser’s mother, Janet Arvizo, being cross-examined by Tom Mesereau. Reportedly, she was evasive, combative, shown to be lying on the stand, and was anything but a fragile “victim” who couldn’t stand up to people. In the interest of time, I’m simply going to list some of the information that came out in court yesterday under cross-examination according to reports from Mike Taibbi (NBC), Trace Gallagher (FOX), Savannah Guthrie (Court TV) as well as comments from a number of legal experts who have appeared on various shows on various networks, and data gathered from different articles: Major Points General Points -It was very contentious. The mother was combative, argumentative, and snide. -Trace Gallagher reported on Dayside (Fox) that Janet Arvizo is being very evasive; skirting the questions —Says she was asked questions 3 and 4 separate times and still unable to give a simple yes or no answer Explosive Bombshell Documents? -According to listeners of 790AM KABC, a Los Angeles Radio Station, Mesereau presented the court with documents with Janet Arvizo’s signature on them where she tells the sheriff’s department that she actually previously launched an investigation into Jackson —She reportedly admitted she started her own “investigation” into Jackson even BEFORE she had actually met him. —Listeners reported that the KABC reporter says Mesereau had the documents officially entered into evidence today. —–Still waiting on confirmation of this information Lying under oath -Under cross, Mesereau got Arvizo to admit that she lied under oath during a deposition for the J.C. Penney lawsuit. —She used “bruises” apparently on her body claiming that they were given to her in her alleged beating by JC Penney guards —Now she’s claiming the bruises were given to her by her ex-husband, David Arvizo in domestic violence dispute —This is important because she’s seemingly falsifying evidence to get over $150,000 in that lawsuit …continue JC Penny Settlement -According to a radio report from 980 AM KFWB Radio, the mother claimed she didn’t know how much she received as a settlement in that case, claiming that it was only $32,000 —Says Mesereau presented the court with evidence that it was much, much more -Mike Taibbi reported on the Abrams Report yesterday (April 15) that the mother accused the attorneys representing her during that JC Penney lawsuit of lying, too:

MIKE TAIBBI: She admitted that she lied under oath in that deposition when she said that her husband had not beaten her and that they had a good marriage. Now, Mesereau says ‘it’s because you’re willing to lie in order to get money out of JC Penneys’. And she said ‘No it’s because I was afraid of David’. At that point, she said, ‘But before I even got a settlement I went to my civil attorney and had them try and cure the perjury by changing my testimony in that case, my deposition testimony. But they didn’t do it. They lied! They’re liars!’ meaning the law firm. And Mesereau says ‘And you’re not?’ At that point Melville said ‘Do you want me to shut down this trial for the afternoon? Let’s start taking this seriously.’ …You know Mesereau’s going to bring on Mary Hoser (sp?) who’s a paralegal in the first that represented her who’s gonna say—in his case, in his defense case – that yes, she, the accuser’s mother, said to Mary Hoser that it was all a lie ‘I made it up’. So that’s gonna come later on. But this is what’s happening now. (Abrams Report April 15 2005)

-Taibbi reported on the Abrams Report (April 15) that both in the JC Penney litigation and in the mother’s divorce, “the children essentially mirrored stories that she told almost word for word, phrase for phrase.” Previous Accusations of Abuse -Janet Arivizo previously accused the biological father of molesting the accuser’s sister, Davellin Arvizo, during a divorce proceeding, reports Trace Gallagher. —She also previously accused the father of falsely imprisoning them as well. Sound familiar? -Mesereau also revealed in court that the accuser himself, Gavin Arvizo, accused his mother of abusing him. —She tried to explain it away by saying “It’s ok. He was just a kid at the time”, reports Gallagher. —(My note: As if he’s so much older now…) “Scripted” testimony -Janet Arvizo claims that everything about that rebuttal interview, which was never broadcast, was “scripted” —According to the AP, she claimed everything, even the joking and laughing they were doing during the breaks in that interview, was scripted. “Kidnapping”/”Hostage” Allegation -Mesereau revealed that this mother had a number of friends and acquaintances who were police officers. —She didn’t contact any of them to report either being held hostage at the time or being held hostage after she “escaped” from Neverland —According to a report from Trace Gallagher, she claimed she didn’t want to inconvenience them -Mesereau revealed that at least one of the phone conversations with Frank Tyson happened after she “escaped” from being “held hostage” at Neverland —In that conversation, she’s heard calling Frank “family” and saying very loving things about them after she and her family allegedly “escape”. -Savannah Guthrie (Court TV) reports about the “leg wax”/”body wax” situation. The mother went to have a body wax costing about $140 during one of her many “escapes” from Neverland — Says under oath the mother kept insisting it was only a “leg wax” and Jackson’s people encouraged her to do this —Mesereau presented the court with documented evidence of a receipt to show that it was more in the nature of a full body wax: eyebrows, face, other stuff —Says she “refused to see the receipt” and accused the “masters of choreography”, referring to Jackson’s people, of “doctoring” the receipt —Says Mesereau presented the receipt and it was $140.00 -Even Lisa Bloom, Gloria Allred’s daughter, conceded that it’s not illegal to surveil someone —the Former detective on her show’s panel yesterday (April 15 2005) confirms that it’s not illegal to surveil someone —The former detective says there’s no reason why they wouldn’t have surveilled her for their own protection -Michael Cardoza, as ridiculous as he sometimes is, was in the courtroom and reported on Crier Live yesterday that there was no good explanation in court why she was able to come and go as she pleased during the time she was allegedly “held hostage” —Says Mesereau asked her about the past restraining orders she obtained against her ex-husband —Says Mesereau pointed out that the mother knew how to get restraining orders and didn’t get any against these alleged “co-conspirators” who she claimed were harassing her —Says Mesereau pointed out that she had plenty of opportunity to stay away from Neverland when she left Noteworthy Comments & Direct Quotes -Paul Callan, former prosecutor appeared on MSNBC Live yesterday, called the mother “a walking disaster” -Mike Taibbi reported that the jury would “distinctly look away” from her at times when she would turn towards them to answer questions -Even Abrams admitted that those who don’t concede that the mother is a detriment to the prosecution’s case, is living in their own “neverland”. -Michael Bachner, attorney representing Vincent Amen, says that the mother told lies about his client on the stand —He says the jury is going to see her combative demeanor on the stand and ask themselves if this woman is the kind of person easily intimidated so much that she wouldn’t call the police even after “escaping” from Neverland —He says there was no kidnapping and that Sneddon made a tactical error in bringing that charge -Jim Moret (Court TV 4-15-05): “This woman is either crazy, or she’s crazy like a fox.” -Trace Gallagher (Studio B 4-15-05):

“Tom Mesereau pointing out that she lied in her JC Penney deposition. That’s where she got $145,000 or $150,000 thousand dollars saying the bruises on her body were from the security guards when in fact those bruises were from her ex-husband David. He’s hitting hard the fact that she had David arrested for domestic violence, accused him of molesting their daughter, accused him of holding their family against their will. And now we learn that the accuser in this case at one time many years ago accused his own mother of abuse. Janet Arvizo’s response? ‘It’s ok. He was only a kid at the time’. ”

-Jeffrey Lichtman (Hannity & Colmes 4-15-05):

“She claims that she’s reading a script and that’s when she’s doing this rebuttal video. Meanwhile, she seems to be able to laugh like the greatest actress – trained actors can’t laugh on cue the way she did with those tapes. This whole case is just falling apart. You know what? A lot of it has to go to Tom Sneddon for his incompetence.”

-Judge M. Ephram (Crier Live 4-15-05): “…I never would have filed that conspiracy charge. ” -Dan Cogdell, Def. Atty. (Court TV 4-15-05 BEFORE cross-examination began): “It’s very easy to tell a story, even one with some factual corroboration to it that you believe at first blush before it’s tested. Obviously, I don’t think we can come to any conclusion about her credibility now. But I do find it kind of amusing that everybody’s talking about whether or not they believe her before she’s ever even been tested. And she will get tested.” -Paul Pfingst (Abrams Report SE 4-14-05):

“Nothing that relies exclusively on her testimony will ever get a jury to believe it. This jury will say we won’t believe anything this woman says that’s not corroborated. This jury will say if it’s not proven by other evidence as well then we can’t rely upon it, it’s not believable. And the notion that someone is so bad that they become good, that – I’ve never seen that happen to a prosecutor. I’ve prosecuted a lot of cases. When you have a bad witness, the witness is bad for your case. They don’t go over the top and turn out to be good witnesses.”

-Jim Moret (Abrams Report SE 4-14-05): “She’s not a good witness. She plead the 5th on possible charges of perjury and welfare fraud. The four words she said that I think are going to come back and haunt her on cross examination: ‘That’s not my nature’ to the question ‘Did you ask for money from Michael Jackson?’ ‘That’s not my nature.’ That is her nature. She asked for money from a lot of people.” -Paul Pfingst (Abrams Report SE 4-14-05:) “This witness cannot do well in a courtroom.” And these were only the points that were reported today. There is possibly an infinite number of things that wasn’t reported on which were also brought out by Mesereau under cross-examination. Stay tuned. As we get info, we’ll post it.

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