Pros. to Rest ‘Case’ Next Week, More Holes in Arvizo Story – MB#259

Pros. to Rest ‘Case’ Next Week, More Holes in Arvizo Story – MB#259 APRIL 19 2005 — A lot of information is coming out today about what happened in court. Probably the biggest news is that the prosecution announced that it intends to rest its “case” next week, reports the AP. After a year of investigation and 100+ search warrants, the only thing prosecutors have proven beyond a reasonable doubt is that Jackson loves to look at naked women. The AP reports that the prosecution is having problems with witness availability for Friday, April 22 2005. So there won’t be any court on that day. It has been a grueling past couple of days for the prosecution with the unbelievable testimony of the accuser’s mother, both under direct and cross-examination. It got to a point where during day 2 of the cross-examination, even the prosecution was objecting to some of the answers Janet Arvizo was being allowed to give due to her rambling and volunteering information; info that could be used as ammunition by Jackson’s defense. This comes after her pleading the 5th Amendment not to incriminate herself about welfare fraud and perjury committed against Los Angeles County. An attorney not on this Jackson “case”, Tony Cappozola, has officially actually asked that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office launch an investigation into the accuser’s mother because of that. According to explosive reports from NBC via Mike Taibbi, the mother accepted tens of thousands of dollars from various sources and that $150,000 settlement from JC Penney, and didn’t declare any of this money on her welfare applications. It is rather ridiculous that she would scam the welfare system after receiving thousands of dollars anyway. That smacks of pure greed. She also didn’t disclose, on those welfare applications, that they were covered 100% by the father’s Teamster health insurance. It got more ridiculous today (April 19 2005). Under re-cross examination, at still combative J. Arvizo claimed that she “never solicited money from celebrities for her son when he was stricken with cancer” (see Jackson prosecution plans to rest next week – AP).

April 19 2005 Trial

APRIL 19 2005 (12:30PM ET) — The accuser’s mother has completed the re-direct and is under re-cross examination by the defense. Prosecutors had attempted to show that the JC Penney lawsuit and their bruises were legitimate. She was arrested after that JC Penney altercation. And the Drudge Report got their Continue Reading