April 19 2005 Trial

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APRIL 19 2005 (12:30PM ET) — The accuser’s mother has completed the re-direct and is under re-cross examination by the defense. Prosecutors had attempted to show that the JC Penney lawsuit and their bruises were legitimate. She was arrested after that JC Penney altercation. And the Drudge Report got their hands on the mother’s mug shot. In court, the prosecution showed pictures of the mother with bruises on her face. However, in the mug shot taken after the altercation, there are no bruises. This was a point brought out by Jackson attorney Tom Mesereau under re-cross examination. Attorney David Feige also commented on Court TV about this child abuse accommodation syndrome, which the prosecution tried to use to explain-away inconsistent statements, lies and previous denials by the accuser and his brother.

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