Accusing Mother: I feared my kids would vanish in a hot air balloon

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[b] I feared my kids would vanish in a hot air balloon: Jackson accuser’s mum[/b] Mon Apr 18, 6:05 PM ET The mother of Michael Jackson’s young molestation accuser claimed that she feared her children would be spirited away from the star’s Neverland Ranch in a hot air balloon. In some of the most bizarre testimony of Jackson’s frequently surreal trial, the woman revealed that she told police she feared her three kids would vanish from Neverland into California’s blue skies. “Did you tell the sheriff that you thought your children might disappear in a hot air balloon from Neverland?” Jackson’s lead lawyer Thomas Mesereau asked the woman under cross examination. “I made them aware” that this was one of a variety of ways in which aides to the pop star had allegedly threatened to make her children vanish, she replied during her fourth day on the stand of frequently bizarre testimony. In another odd moment, Mesereau asked the Los Angeles resident if it was true she had claimed to someone that she was “living in a stable with hay and horses” in the California town of Bakersfield, a claim she denied. Mesereau persisted in exploring possible tales of fantasy by asking if she had ever said she was so poor that her children picked coins out of public fountains to help support the family. Again, she denied the claim. Source:

Excerpt from article written by David Gardner: Mum happy for kids to stay with Jackson By David Gardner in Los Angeles 09feb03 … Before meeting Jackson, now 44, GXXXX was at the lowest point in his difficult upbringing in a rundown district of Los Angeles. While Jackson would spend millions in a morning shopping spree on Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive, GXXXX’s mother was struggling to find a decent home. “They were living in a stable with the hay and horses for a long time,” said family friend Jamie Masada. “Another time they were all living in a tiny room in Compton that wasn’t big enough for one person. They couldn’t afford to buy clothes or food.” … Article:

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