May 6 2005 Trial Update #1

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MAY 6 2005 (2:10 PM ET) — Joy Robson, the third defense witness and mother of Wade Robson, is on the stand right now. Robson testified that she once spent a day “sitting on Jackson’s bed watching cartoons and eating popcorn with her son and Jackson” (Lompoc Record). Probably one of the most interesting things to come out of her testimony thus far is that she says her daughter, too, slept in Jackson’s bedroom with her brother, Wade. Oops. As reported yesterday, this testimony begins to completely shoot down prosecution theories they’ve tried to sell this jury about Jackson. Now the jury is beginning to get a better understanding of what’s going on. The prosecution has tried to paint a picture of “special friends” sleeping alone in bed with Jackson. And through this testimony, those theories are starting to fall apart. It was one of the first pieces of testimony showing that Jackson wasn’t isolating these kids from their families and that it wasn’t just “little boys” who slept over in Jackson’s bedroom. And that it wasn’t just “little boys” who have been on Jackson’s bed. Again, Joy Robson says she was in Jackson’s bedroom sometimes when Wade was there with Jackson. She says she wasn’t concerned at all. Reportedly, the mother also says she didn’t want law enforcement in 1993 to speak to her son alone basically because she didn’t trust them. She testified that she thought they would try to manipulate her son. Some legal observers say that this testimony could cause some jurors to think about Jason Francia, who the police spoke to alone. At first, Francia denied Jackson had molested him and it was only after these private police interviews — where some officers called Jackson a child molester and cursed him — that Francia started to make allegations. Wade Robson’s testimony yesterday completely destroyed previous testimony from prosecution witnesses. Blanca Francia claimed that she saw/heard Robson and Jackson taking a shower together. Robson completely slapped down that testimony by saying he never took a shower with Jackson and that Jackson never touched him inappropriately on any part of his body. Brett Barnes, another one of the kids at the time who these prosecution witnesses inferred were “molested” by Jackson, also testified yesterday. He says that Jackson never molested or touched him inappropriately. Barnes also seemed very angry that he was even suggest to be someone Jackson allegedly “molested” by the prosecution. Some reports say that Barnes shot the prosecution’s table an absolutely dirty look as he was leaving the courtroom for the day yesterday (May 5). Barnes testified that these people, as probably the prosecution, were dragging his name through the dirt and that he was angry about that. He also testified that he wouldn’t stand for anybody molesting him and wouldn’t be in court testifying for the defense if he had ever been molested.

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