Powerful Testimony from Falsely Alleged ‘Victims’ – MB #263

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Powerful Testimony from Falsely Alleged ‘Victims’ – MB #263
Two prosecution-alleged “victims” testify that they were never molested by Jackson

 There was powerful testimony in the first two days of the defense case in the Michael Jackson trial. Two of the children — now grown men — involved around speculation and innuendo for the last 12 years, took the stand to refute the prosecution claims. These two men say that unlike what shady prosecution witnesses have suggested, they were never molested by Jackson nor did he ever act inappropriately with them.

This testimony completely obliterates the third-party claims made by at least two 1108 prosecution witnesses. One witness, Blanca Francia, claimed Jackson took a shower with Wade Robson. Robson testified that he never took a shower with Jackson. Brett Barnes also testified that Jackson never molested or acted inappropriately with him.

Barnes also testified that he is very angry that his name is being used in such a manner. Some in the media seem to have completely lost the plot because they can’t deal with this explosive testimony that has come out in court in just the first two days of the defense’s case. The defense has already done what the prosecution wouldn’t do: put these two men on the stand to tell their side of the story.

Also in the past 2 days, the prosecution and pundits’ assumptions are totally crumbling. The first casualty is the notion that there are no girls allowed to sleep in Jackson’s bed or room. Testimony from the families of both Barnes and Robson slapped down that theory. Chantal Robson, Wade’s older sister, testified that she, too, slept in Jackson’s bed numerous times when she was a kid. She also said the same thing 12 years ago…but the media didn’t pay any attention to it probably because it didn’t fit their theory. 

Now the jury is beginning to get a better understanding of what went on. The prosecution has tried to paint a picture of “special friends” sleeping alone in a bed with Jackson. Not so. And through this testimony, and probably further testimony, those allegations will continue to fall apart.

A second prosecution theory that has been shot to hell is the notion that Jackson isolates these children from their families. Not so. Testimony from Wade Robson, Brett Barnes, their sisters, and both their mothers all show that they were all involved around Jackson. In other words, it wasn’t just the “little boys” around Jackson, but their entire families. For example, Joy Robson specifically testified about one day she recalled where she once spent a day “sitting on Jackson’s bed watching cartoons and eating popcorn with her son and Jackson,” (Lompoc Record). Oops.

This isn’t what the prosecution wanted to hear. From the beginning, they’ve claimed that Jackson would “get rid of” the mothers and sisters. The media has neglected to tell the public that Jackson had first met the Robson family when Wade as 5 years old. They had known Jackson for at least two years before they first came to Neverland Ranch. So these weren’t strangers meeting for the first time.

Also coming out in court was the fact that it was Robson who first asked if he could sleep in Jackson’s room. A third notion that has been struck down by the defense’s case is the notion that once these kids turn a certain age that they are “shipped out” of Neverland and that Jackson allegedly “moves on”.

Brett Barnes, for example, says he’s slept in Jackson’s room from the ages of 9-19. If you remember, even the current accuser’s brother, Star Arvizo, testified that one time he slept in Jackson’s two story “bedroom” with his brother, Jackson and Frank Tyson.

Tyson, who is in his 20s, has known Jackson since he was a kid too. So this isn’t an isolated, targeted type of situation. https://site2.mjeol.com/flash/CrierLive_McNeilEphram_5-6-05.swfAlready the pundits are looking for any way possible to downplay the devastation to the prosecution’s case that’s going on inside that courtroom. But what has to be one of the most infuriating things to watch is the way in which these pundits are suggesting that the number of sleepovers with Jackson has somehow outweighed the fact that these young men have come to court to bust open the prosecution’s ramshackle “case”.

I can guarantee you that if Jackson had ONLY slept in the same room with Jason Francia, Jordan Chandler and Gavin Arvizo, these same media nut jobs would be screaming from the rooftops: ‘Oh why was he ONLY sleeping in the same room with just THOSE boys??’ and ‘Where are all the other boys who slept in Jackson’s bed who say that nothing ever happened? The defense can’t produce any!’

If that were the case, the pundits’ argument would have certainly been a massive call for the defense to produce children who also slept in Jackson’s bed who say nothing happened. And if the defense couldn’t produce any, these same knuckleheads would have used the lack of other sleepovers to argue his “guilt”.

So now when the defense puts on evidence to show that these aren’t isolated, targeted children or specific instances, now all of a sudden these same types of media pundits are screaming from the rooftops about the number of times Jackson has let kids stay in his bedroom! And they’re doing it all without acknowledging that girls too have slept in Jackson’s bed. The desperation is utterly ridiculous and becoming so obvious that even casual observers of the trial coverage can pretty much tell who’s on what side.

The bottom line is that Jackson’s not on trial for allowing kids to sleep in his room. But unfortunately for the prosecution, both Robson and Barnes proved to be fairly formidable. A May 5 2005 AP article, “Jackson defense opens case after losing bid for acquittal,” offers more detail about the testimony of Wade Robson. Defense attorney Thomas Mesereau got right to the point with both Robson and Brett Barnes. From the report:

“Mr. Robson, did Michael Jackson ever molest you at any time?” asked defense attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr.
“Absolutely not,” Robson said.
“Did he ever touch you in a sexual way?” asked the attorney.
“No, not ever,” said Robson.
“Did Michael Jackson ever touch your body inappropriately at any time?” asked Mesereau.

One specific allegation made by former maid Francia is that she saw/heard Jackson taking a shower with Robson. Francia also sold stories to the tabloids, changed her story under oath in a deposition around the ’93 allegation, and sold an interview for $20,000 to Hard Copy. And guess who interviewed her?Tabloid reporter Diane Dimond, of course.

 As mentioned previously, Robson says he never took a shower with Jackson. Robson was asked if he had ever swam with Jackson. He testified that he and his sister went into a Jacuzzi. Again, the presence of his sister is not a fact prosecutors or pundits want the jury or the public to know. The prosecution was unsuccessful at cross-examining Robson.

Prosecutor Ron Zonen tried all he knew how to cross Robson. But Robson stood his ground while the exasperated prosecutor attempted to suggest that maybe Robson was asleep when something happened. No, seriously.

Robson shot back with a common sense answer that took the wind out of Zonen’s speculation. He replied “I would think something like that would wake me up,” (see Witness: MJ Never Touched Me).

There wasn’t too much Zonen could do under cross of Robson, much to the chagrin of rather delusional media pundits who claimed Zonen’s cross was “withering”. Yeah, right.

Robson doesn’t have any of the baggage too many of the prosecution’s witnesses have: no lawsuits, no previous under oath lies, no judges finding they had defrauded anybody previously, they haven’t been sued into bankruptcy by anybody, etc., etc., etc.

He asked Robson a question about selective material that was found in Jackson’s house. One was that art book, The Boy: A Photographic Essay, which was sent to Jackson and inscribed by a female fan named Rhonda. The photographs were taken on the set of the classic movie Lord of the Flies (see info).

For the record, before that day on the stand, Robson never saw this book. Jackson had never shown it to him for any reason. It was seized in the 1993 raid and has been in law enforcement custody since.

According to an AP report dated May 5 2005, Robson was asked if he would be concerned with a guy “crawling into bed” with a kid if he had that book in his possession. Robson said no. He testified that it wasn’t pornographic and was just a book. He was also asked about another book reportedly depicting men in “sex acts”. No word as to whether or not this book too was sent to Jackson by one of his fans.

Robson said he would be “concerned” if that was found in the possession of someone who shares his bed. But what little gain prosecutors thought they got out of Robson was quickly snatched away by redirect. Under further questioning by Mesereau, Robson was asked if he would feel differently given a more complete picture. From the AP:

Mesereau quickly countered, asking Robson if he would feel differently if he knew that Jackson also had a collection of 10 years’ worth of Playboy, Hustler and other heterosexual magazines. Robson said he would feel differently and would no longer be concerned about it. Mesereau also pointed to a woman in the courtroom and said, “Mr. Robson, that is your fiancee right there, correct?”
“Yes,” said the witness.
“You are heterosexual, correct?” Mesereau asked.

And as the public found out in court, there were stacks and stacks, years and years worth of legal, heterosexual books, magazines, DVDs, etc. found in Jackson’s home.

According to another report from the Santa Maria Times dated May 6 2005 titled, “Witnesses say nothing improper happened,” Robson took it further by saying he would allow his son to share a bed with such a person he trusted. From the report:

Mesereau countered by asking Robson if his opinion would change if the owner also possessed heterosexual adult magazines like Playboy and Hustler. If that was the case, Robson said, he would allow his own son to share a bed with such a man. (see Witnesses say nothing improper happened)

Specific testimony of Mesereau’s direct questioning:

Q. You are a close friend of Michael correct?
A. Yes.
Q. By the way, did Michael Jackson ever – oh I’ll ask him there. When you were a young child, did Michael Jackson ever show you any sexually explicit material?
A. No.
Q. Did you ever see Michael Jackson show sexually explicit material to any child?
A. No.
(Court Transcripts via E! Trial Reenactments, air date: May 6 2005)

Zonen couldn’t raise any credibility issues with Robson nor could he counter Robson’s devastating testimony. And when he finally thought he gained a point with Robson’s opinion on an irrelevant book, it was quickly slapped down by Mesereau putting the question into context.

Nearly every observer who has given an opinion of this testimony say that there is simply no getting around the fact that this was one of the prosecution-alleged “victims” who has come to court to set the record straight that he never showered with or was molested by Jackson. They have also expressed that his testimony completely throws into doubt all the testimony from the prosecution’s 1108 witnesses.

As one pro-prosecution pundit put it, “It sort of has me questioning all the other stuff the State’s witnesses testified to.” And it only got worse for the prosecution with Brett Barnes, yet another inferred “victim”, saying he wasn’t molested by Jackson either. Barnes seemed personally insulted that these same prosecutors, who have probably been hounding him since he was a kid, are trying to use false allegations involving him in this trial.

As with Robson, Mesereau got straight to the point. The following was reported by the Santa Maria Times:

“Has Mr. Jackson ever touched you in a sexual way?” Mesereau asked him.
“No,” Barnes said. “I wouldn’t stand for it.”
When asked, Barnes said he was mad that prosecutors had mentioned allegations he was molested.
“I’m very mad about that,” Barnes said. “They’re pulling my name through the dirt, and I’m really, really not happy about it.” (see Witnesses say nothing improper happened)

Barnes actually left his job in Brisbane, Australia as a Roulette dealer to testify in this case. More from the report:

Barnes, who left his job as a roulette dealer in Brisbane, Australia, to testify in this case, said he slept with Jackson dozens of times from age 9 to 19, both at Neverland and in hotel rooms around the world. He stayed at Neverland Wednesday night, he said, but not in Jackson’s bed. “Why don’t you still sleep with Michael Jackson?” Zonen asked.
“He’s got kids now,” Barnes replied. (see Witnesses say nothing improper happened)

Some observers say the jury may have been sure to pick up on Barnes’s insulted outrage and could now be questioning why prosecutors even put witnesses on the stand to make inferences that Jackson had either molested or acted inappropriately with Barnes. Howard Weitzman represented Jackson in the 1993 investigation.

Appearing on the E! Trial Reenactments May 6, Weitzman says that as a part of his job, he interviewed Barnes and says he story has been consistent from day one, since he was kid. There were other reports saying that when Barnes left the witness stand, he shot the prosecution table a disgusted look as if to show his total disapproval and anger at being false paraded around the courtroom as a victim by them.

Corroborating the testimonies of their sons, both Wade Robson’s mother, Joy, and Brett Barnes’s mother, Marie, testified in court as well. More info on their testimony to come.

Here’s a little preview: Joy Robson was at Neverland over a weekend when June Chandler was there as well. She says she remembers Chandler ordering people around like she owned the place and acting as if she was “mistress of Neverland.” Interesting indeed. (Note: This Bullet could be updated as more information becomes known)

Stay tuned.


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