Defense Continues to Knock Down Prosecution Allegations – MB#265

Defense Continues to Knock Down Prosecution Allegations – MB#265 Testimonies of Violet Silva and Joe Marcus paint much different picture of Arvizo family than prosecutors have MAY 11 2005 — Michael Jackson’s defense team continues to tear down the charges against him with two very important witnesses who have all but completely obliterated the conspiracy theory. Much has been made about a directive at the gates of Neverland instructing that the Arvizo boys were not to be let off the property. The prosecution, and their sympathetic media pundits alike, used that directive as proof to suggest the family was being held hostage. One thing that never made sense was – if the prosecution’s allegation was correct – why the directive didn’t say not to let the “entire family” off the Ranch. Now through testimony, we have the full story that prosecutors didn’t want to tell the jury. The defense revealed that Ranch Manager Joe Marcus issued the directive because these specific children, reportedly 13 and 12 at the time, had actually gotten into some of the Neverland vehicles and started driving them around the property. The staff had to physically stop them. The children were also scheduled on that day, Feb 19 2003, to be at Neverland because their interview for the Fox rebuttal documentary was at first scheduled to be recorded at Neverland. Their interview never made it in the final cut, by the way. The directive was also there because they were currently unaccompanied by an adult; not even Jackson. These specific kids, the Arvizos, were very disruptive and there was concern by the staff that they would again get into these vehicles and take them onto the open road outside of the gates of the Ranch. The staff could have just kicked them off the Ranch and made them society’s problem, but for whatever reason, they may have wanted to make sure these kids were ok.