May 11 2005 Trial Update #3.5

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MAY 11 2005 (4:0 PM ET) — The judge in the Michael Jackson “case” has allowed the defense to play the outtakes from the Martin Bashir “documentary”. It is quite clear now that much of what appeared on the broadcast version of the “documentary” was completely taken out of context and presented in a salacious and derogatory manner. Reports say that the jury is now watching these outtakes which will help to shed some light on the context of what Jackson tried to get across when he did the interviews with Bashir. This comes after absolutely and unequivocally devastating testimony from Mac Culkin. The poised 25 year old testified that he was never molested by Jackson, directly shooting down previous testimony from prosecution 1108 witnesses. Numerous reports also say that he was not rattled once by prosecution cross-examination either. According to a report titled “Actor Macaulay Culkin Testifies Jackson Did Not Molest Him” dated today (May 11), Culkin testified that not only did Jackson not molest him, but also that he has no reason to believe Jackson had ever molested him at any time. Some observers also commented that the prosecution appeared to attack Culkin, whom they had previously represented to this jury was a “victim” of Jackson. And those prosecution attacks may have a negative effect on the jury. The jury has now heard from 3 of the prosecution-alleged “victims”, who have testified under oath and before the world, that they were never molested or touched inappropriately by Jackson. Some observers say that everything now is ancillary and there is nothing the prosecution can do under cross-examination that will blunt the fact that all 3 of these now young men have refuted false allegations from prosecution witnesses. While others complain that it’s really a shame they’ve had to come to court to testify in the first place because neither Culkin, Brett Barnes, nor Wade Robson have ever accused Jackson of molestation. Not 12 years ago and not now. According to Steve Edwards (Fox 11 News), Culkin was asked what he thought of the charges against Jackson and he replied “Absolutely ridiculous.” He also testified that he has never seen Jackson act inappropriately with any other child either, according to updates from (tsg). Also according to and shockingly enough, Culkin also testified that the prosecution never contacted him to ask him whether or not the claims being made by their 1108 witnesses were true. Some pro-prosecution observers are now telling MJEOL that this is just “unacceptable” and are exclaiming their disapproval that these prosecutors didn’t even try to get Culkin’s response to such allegations. It has been a rather pathetic cross-examination with prosecutor Zonen trying to convince Culkin he was molested in his sleep, with zero evidence to back up that theory. This is the same thing he tried to do with Robson and Barnes. According to tsg, Zonen was shut down cold by Culkin when asked if he’d ever slept in the same room with any other 35 year old man. Here’s how the exchange went according to them:

In a follow-up, Zonen asked if Culkin had ever slept with any other 35-year-old men. “Not that I remember,” the actor testified. “But I wasn’t friends with any other 35-year-old men who understood me.” (see tsg)

Some observers report that they simply aren’t buying this prosecution theory and that it would be highly illogical to claim that they were ALL “molested” in their sleep without the prosecution providing one shred of evidence before now to suggest that it is some kind of modus operandi with Jackson. Culkin also testified that these sleepovers weren’t planned and that “he and others would just fall asleep when they were tired” where ever they were. So through Culkin, there is now testimony before the jury that there wasn’t a concerted effort by Jackson to get these children into his bedroom. Also during the cross-examination, a number of times Ron Zonen had to be scolded by the judge for cutting off Culkin’s answers and not letting him finish. Attorney Drew Findling appeared on Studio B today (May 11) to comment on this issue:

DREW FINDLING: …But I do want to say this. And that is, they addressed this issue because the prosecution opened this door. I agree that we shouldn’t have gotten into all this past stuff. But that wasn’t the defense’s choice. They didn’t want this to happen. Now if the prosecution wants to play this game, it’s time for Mesereau to shove it down their throat. And boy, did he today!

He’s not the only one who now feels like the prosecution brought this on themselves. More as we get it.

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