May 19 2005 Trial

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MAY 19 2005 (1:00 PM ET) — Defense witness Azja Pryor is now on the stand. After a 402 hearing earlier today, the judge ruled not to allow Larry King to testify in front of the jury. King had a conversation with Larry Feldman, the attorney who represented the accusing family. Though King won’t be able to testify in front of the jury, it is now out in the public that Larry Feldman told King the accuser’s mother was in this for the money. King says Feldman called the mother a “wacko” and said he really didn’t want to represent her. Now, in a “case” where this judge has damn near allowed the prosecution to throw in everything AND the kitchen sink, some are puzzled as to why King’s testimony isn’t relevant to the events. According to reports, Feldman previously testified he never told anybody that the mother was in this for the money. This would seem to be perfect impeachment testimony of Feldman. Why the judge “appears to be protecting him” on this issue is “quite confusing”, say some observers. Others say that King’s testimony may fall under the category of ‘hearsay’. However, it’s not just the mother who was a witness in this trial, but Feldman as well. And, as a witness, Feldman’s truthfulness (or lack thereof) should also be an issue. Either way, Feldman’s credibility as a lawyer is shot and — if he isn’t careful and depending on when he officially started to represent her — the accuser’s mother could turn around and sue Feldman for breaking the Attorney/Client privilege depending on the full details of what he said to King. Wouldn’t that be serendipitous? More info as we get it.

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