Housekeeper testifies about Jackson’s bedroom alarm

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[b]Housekeeper testifies about Jackson’s bedroom alarm [/b] By Quintin Cushner/Staff Writer Housekeeper Maria Gomez testified in Superior Court in Santa Maria today about an alarm system that activates whenever someone approaches Michael Jackson’s bedroom at Neverland Valley Ranch near Los Olivos. Gomez appeared in a video prepared by the defense that seemed to demonstrate that the bells were difficult to hear inside the bedroom when the door was closed, but were louder with the door open. The accuser’s brother had previously testified that he entered the bedroom suite late one night, peered through an open door, and saw Jackson fondling his sleeping brother. However, the defense contends that the incident never happened, and that the bells would have alerted the entertainer that someone was approaching. Two of the four molestation counts against Jackson appear to be based on the brother’s testimony. [b]Also today, a forensic accountant testified about banking activities involving the mother of Michael Jackson’s teenage accuser. Mike Radakovich of San Luis Obispo testified that $32,308 was deposited into the mother’s Washington Mutual account from a lawsuit settlement from J.C. Penney. The family had accused J.C. Penney security guards of physically mistreating and fondling them while being detained for allegedly shoplifting. The records then show that $29,000 was withdrawn from the account in a cashier’s check to a Hollywood Ford dealership. Radakovich also testified about welfare checks for the mother deposited to her boyfriend’s Bank of America account, then withdrawn to pay the woman’s rent. [/b] The significance of the testimony was unclear, although the defense has contended that the family accusing Jackson has a history of making false claims in an effort to get money through legal settlements. Jackson, 46, has pleaded not guilty to four counts of molesting the 13-year-old boy and four counts of administering alcohol to help him with the alleged lewd acts. He also has pleaded not guilty to the conspiracy charge involving abduction, false imprisonment and extortion and a count of attempted child molestation. The Santa Maria Times, following its established policy, is not identifying those who allege they were abused by Jackson, even though they are being named in court. n Staff writer Quintin Cushner can be reached at (805) 739-2217 or by e-mail at Source: [url=]…ocal/news00.txt[/url]

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