Paralegal: Mother Called Doctor ‘the devil’ – Update to AP article

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Leno Was Suspicious of Jackson Accuser By TIM MOLLOY, Associated Press Writer … The defense also called woman who was a paralegal at a law firm that handled a lawsuit by the accuser’s family that led to a $152,000 settlement from J.C. Penney. The lawsuit claimed that store security guards physically abused the family and groped the mother after the accuser walked out of a store without paying for clothes. Paralegal Mary Holzer said she became the family’s “hand-holder” and took them to doctor appointment. On one visit, she said, the mother became agitated as they approached the office. “She threw herself down on the ground, started kicking and screaming that the doctor was the devil, the nurse was the devil and they were out to get her,” Holzer said, adding that they were asked to leave the office. Holzer also said the mother told her the injuries she claimed to have received from the guards were inflicted by her then-husband on the night of the store incident. Holzer said she told the mother that she couldn’t lie and that she needed to talk to an attorney to change her description of what had happened, but the mother then threatened her life. “She told me that (her husband’s) brother … is in the Mexican mafia … and that she knows where I live and they would come and kill me and my 9-year-old daughter,” Holzer said. She said she never reported what the mother said about her injuries because she was terrified. When the mother testified, she said Holzer was dishonest and was a huge Michael Jackson fan. Source:

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