June 2 2005 trial update #1

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JUNE 2 2005 — Tom Mesereau, Jackson’s defense attorney, has now begun his closing arguments. Each side gets 4 hours to present their closing argument. Mesereau went right at the claims made by the prosecution. The first point he made was in response to the prosecution’s personally attacking him and having the audacity to talk about “broken promises”. He says if the prosecution has to attack the defense attorney, then that’s the first sign the prosecution is really in trouble. Earlier in their closing argument, prosecutor Zonen is still trying to convince the jury that art books are ‘child porn’, that sleeping the same room equates to molestation, and that the accuser’s mother is a trustworthy person………No, I’m not kidding. As soon as we get information about whether or not the defense has begun, we’ll post…….that is, if the media doesn’t go into a coverage blackout as the defense begins.

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