Mesereau Speaks on Jackson, Bashir and the Trial – MB#278

Mesereau Speaks on Jackson, Bashir and the Trial – MB#278 JULY 31 2005 — The attorney who represented Michael Jackson did two radio interviews last week about the law and Michael Jackson. Mesereau –himself described as an ethical fighter of injustice — described Jackson as a “gentle, kindhearted, nice person” during an interview with Radio 5 in the UK on July 26 2005. He calls Jackson one of the nicest human beings he’s ever encountered (see Radio 5 interview). What some people may not yet know is that throughout his career, Mesereau has spent a great deal of his time representing people who aren’t famous; people who can’t afford to get a good lawyer. He’s volunteered his time and given out advice free of charge. He is certainly not your average “celebrity defense attorney.” Mesereau has two goals when he meets people and prepares to defense them, he says: (1.) to make sure innocent people aren’t convicted, and (2.) to make sure prosecutors and law enforcement don’t abuse their authority. This came about, says Mesereau, because of his belief that there is sometimes a tendency for people in power to abuse it in some way; sometimes without consciously knowing they’re doing it.