Victory-Vindication Celebration

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MJEOL forum members, show your support! If you go, don’t hestitate to let the people know that you are members of MJEOL. If you have MJEOL Gear, you can rock that. 😎

Here’s the information from MJJF:

MJJF Presents Vindication – Victory Celebration 2005 We the fans have been looking forward to this day for over a decade: when the world, would finally know the truth, of which we knew all along…Michael Jackson is and always was innocent of the false allegations that hung over him for far too long. So long before June 13, 2005 when a jury in Santa Barbara would find him NOT GUILTY on every single charge, we the fans decided we would rejoice and celebrate once the truth was finally told! By the grace of God, that day is finally here! Fans from all over the world will come together in honor of Michael Jackson to celebrate his Victory! We will have an exciting 3 day event to be held in the city of entertainment, Las Vegas, Nevada! We celebrate because JUSTICE is the ultimate VICTORY! Michael Jackson’s RESOUNDING victory took place on June 13, 2005. It is now time for Michael Jackson’s worldwide supporters to celebrate that victory by coming together in a show of UNITY. It’s time to show the world that not only we will stand by Mr. Jackson and his family through the good and trying times, but we will stand VICTORIOUS against those who try to bring Michael Jackson down. We invite Mr. Michael Jackson, his family, friends, supporters and of course the fans to join us on August 26th, 2005 through August 28th, 2005 for the official MJJForum Victory-Vindication 2005 weekend that will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This historic Michael Jackson celebration will take place at the exclusive Front Door Complex. To take a tour of the complex, please visit This fantastic 3 day event will include: Karaoke Party MJ Idol Show Dinner Buffet The Official Victory Show Award Ceremony MJ All Day Picnic For lodging, schedule, and ticket information about the Vindication – Victory Celebration 2005, please visit our website:

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