TV Alert: Thomas Mesereau on CNN

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[b]TV Alert: Attorney Tom Mesereau on CNN[/b] Created: Tuesday, 09 August 2005 Today, at 4pm Pacific Time, 7pm Eastern Time, Attorney Thomas Mesereau, Jr. will appear on CNN on the program, ‘Anderson Cooper 360’. Mr. Mesereau will again discuss the two jurors that have have been receiving intense media attention for their suspicious flip flopping opinions on the verdict and their coinciding book deals.

“The bottom line is it makes no difference what they’re saying,” Thomas Mesereau Jr. told The Associated Press, pointing out the jurors announced their turnaround Monday as they began publicizing book deals. “Twelve people deliberated and out of that process justice is supposed to result. Now, two months later, these jurors are changing their tunes. They clearly like being on TV,” Mesereau said. “I’m very suspicious.”


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