Mother of Jackson Accuser Facing Prison For Welfare Fraud

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[b]Mother of Jackson Accuser Facing Prison For Welfare Fraud[/b] The mother of Michael Jackson’s teenage accuser in child molestation charges has been charged in Los Angeles with welfare fraud and perjury. Janet Arvizo is being charged with receiving over $18,000 in welfare benefits illegally by failing to disclose that she and her family had received $150,000 in a settlement during a 2001 civil lawsuit against a department store. LA County prosecutors began the investigation of Arvizo after Carl A. Capozzola, a lawyer working for Jackson forwarded evidence of the alleged fraud. During the highly publicized trial Arvizo invoked her Fifth Amendment rights when asked under oath about a welfare fraud investigation. [b]Arvizo could be facing several years in prison if found guilty.[/b] Source: [url=][/url]

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