New Radio Show: #6 Broadcast

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Essence of Love Radio Show #6 will air Sept 19 2005! Topics -Michael Jackson’s comments to the Associated Press -Harvey Levin puts Hultman on full blast —Levin appeared on Showbiz Tonight to talk about Hultman’s lawsuit to get out of a book contract Detour Segment: Media pundits go off on Hultman and Elenor Cook for their flip-flopping allegations Show length: 35 minutes+ Scheduled Air times Sep 19 2005: 8:00PM ET / 7:00PM CT;       and 10:00PM ET / 9:00PM CT Sept 20 2005 8:00PM ET / 7:00PM CT;       and 11:00PM ET / 10:00PM CT Ways to listen: Tune in yall! Remember, you can get in on the action! Record your audio commentaries about Janet Arvizo, the two flip-flopping jurors, your comedy skits, audio parodies, or commentary on any other topic and send them to ! *Any changes will be posted here

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