Jackson attorney honored by L.A. mayor and police chief

[b]Jackson attorney honored by L.A. mayor and police chief[/b] LINDA DEUTSCH Associated Press [img]http://us.news3.yimg.com/us.i2.yimg.com/p/ap/20051030/capt.caaj10310301727.mesereau_caaj103.jpg[/img] LOS ANGELES – Gospel music rocked the rafters Sunday as the mayor and police chief of Los Angeles joined hundreds of members of a black church to honor Michael Jackson’s lawyer, Thomas Mesereau Jr., as “a Continue Reading

Jackson counter-sues former aid

[b]Jackson counter-sues former aid[/b] October 27, 2005 LOS ANGELES: Pop icon Michael Jackson, emerging from the shadow of his child molestation trial, on Wednesday countersued a former aide for allegedly concealing and misappropriating more than $US1 million. The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles marks the second salvo in a sudden Continue Reading

ABC Draws Fire After Naming Bashir as Co-Anchor of Nightline – MB#285

ABC Draws Fire After Naming Bashir and McFadden as Co-Anchors of Nightline – MB #285 Decision to front Nightline with a trio of reporters, one of which is Bashir, has been roundly panned OCTOBER 25 2005 – As if independent researchers, analysts, non-conformist reporters and real investigative journalists needed more reasons to create “blogs” and fire up their podcasts, ABC just provided them with yet another. As I was perusing more drivel – this time from the Los Angeles Times in relation to Jackson’s charity single — I came upon the news that Martin Bashir and Cynthia McFadden along with Terry Moran were named as “co-anchors” of the “new” Nightline. Nightline is considered one of the last bastions of real journalism and is anchored by Ted Koppel. But the switch to turn it into a half hour copy of damn near every other ‘quick-hits’ magazine show, with the addition of a trio of anchors, has drawn the ire of many long time viewers of the show.

Jackson gets jury summons, but will he go?

[b]Jackson gets jury summons, but will he go?[/b] 10/20/05 By DAWN HOBBS NEWS-PRESS STAFF WRITER Singer requesting deferment Ronald Reagan got a deferment because he was president. But will the King of Pop get out of jury duty in Santa Barbara County? Michael Jackson, the world’s most famous criminal defendant, recently received a jury summons at his Neverland Valley Ranch, the News-Press learned Wednesday. But it seems unlikely that Mr. Jackson, who now lives in Bahrain, will become the world’s most famous juror. “He is permanently living outside of the United States,” said Thomas Mesereau, who defended the singer in his recent child molestation trial. To avoid any penalty for being a no-show for jury duty, Mr. Jackson’s lawyers have filed the necessary paperwork for a deferment.

Jackson and his kids at Harrods – Pics!

Jackson in a crowd of people and security with a smiling Paris and Prince New pictures of MJ with his children at Harrods have been added to the big MJ in London thread at the MJEOL FORUMS. Go check ’em out! http://community.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=8619 Jackson picking up daughter Paris