Steepleton Whining about Jackson Song Timetable – MiniBullet #21

Steepleton Whining about Jackson Song Timetable – MiniBullet #21 …and the media wonders why we think they’re full of it. OCTOBER 3 2005 — Scott Steepleton is bitching…again…about Michael Jackson’s charity song to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. If he’s not careful, one may begin to think Steepleton is so vain he probably thinks Jackson is taking his time simply to anger him. In yet another cry-baby/whining commentary for the Santa Barbara News Press, he complains about the amount of time Jackson has given to the production of his charity song. At a time when so many people involved around the Jackson trial have gotten caught up various legal entanglements, what does the public get from Steepleton? They get peevish commentary about a charity single which he will probably complain about…again…once it is released. Apparently, he wants Jackson to simply throw together a song with a gaggle of celebrities – each with their own busy schedules and individual relief projects. I guess Jackson should be able to wave a magic wand and force them to appear at his time schedule and where he wants them to all at the same time. None of this seems to have factored into Steepleton’s complaint, however.