Steepleton Whining about Jackson Song Timetable – MiniBullet #21

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Steepleton Whining about Jackson Song Timetable – MiniBullet #21 …and the media wonders why we think they’re full of it. OCTOBER 3 2005 — Scott Steepleton is bitching…again…about Michael Jackson’s charity song to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. If he’s not careful, one may begin to think Steepleton is so vain he probably thinks Jackson is taking his time simply to anger him. In yet another cry-baby/whining commentary for the Santa Barbara News Press, he complains about the amount of time Jackson has given to the production of his charity song. At a time when so many people involved around the Jackson trial have gotten caught up various legal entanglements, what does the public get from Steepleton? They get peevish commentary about a charity single which he will probably complain about…again…once it is released. Apparently, he wants Jackson to simply throw together a song with a gaggle of celebrities – each with their own busy schedules and individual relief projects. I guess Jackson should be able to wave a magic wand and force them to appear at his time schedule and where he wants them to all at the same time. None of this seems to have factored into Steepleton’s complaint, however. I am not sure if Steepleton has ever worked with a number of celebrities at the same time before, so maybe his ignorance of the subject is what underlies his recent commentary. The ‘now! now! now!’ Steepleton better learn that many victims of both Hurricanes lost everything. They are going to need help for months, possibly even years to come. Long when this has ceased to be a ratings-grabbing story and when the media (and Steepleton) have moved on, these citizens are still going to need help rebuilding their lives. Tossing together a rushed mess of a song which wouldn’t be successful, is not in Jackson’s best interest or the best interest of those who will benefit from it. It’s surprising that no one appears to have pointed that out to Steepleton. In the commentary “28 days later . . . and still waiting”, he writes, “I don’t know where they get calendars at Neverland Valley Ranch or Bahrain…but two weeks have come and gone, and gone again” (see 28 days later . . . and still waiting). This was in response to Jackson spokeswoman Raymone Bain stating that Jackson’s intention was to record the song within a certain period of time. Of course “intention” is the operative word Steepleton seemed to have missed. I don’t remember Bain promising a finished song on a certain date, so exactly what the hell is he complaining about? He whines, “…why can’t Michael Jackson put together a star-studded charity single in 28 days?” Let’s see. Someone tell me again, exactly how many star-studded charity singles has Steepleton composed, written lyrics for, arranged and recorded? I must have missed out on that list of qualifications whereby Steepleton knows for a fact that it shouldn’t take over 28 days to accomplish a finished, packaged, and polished product with the cooperation of a gang of celebrities. He then goes on to name other occurrences of celebrities helping victims of Hurricane Katrina in their own ways, including Hilary Duff, Morgan Freeman and Harry Connick Jr. Congrats to them. But none of them are Jackson, and none of them – not Duff, Freeman or Connick – just went through hell on a very public scale. The fact that Jackson is in any condition to want to help anyone this soon after being victimized by law enforcement, the Santa Barbara DA’s office, and the media is surprising to me personally. Had I just gone through the most difficult experience in my life a mere 3 months ago, sorry to say it, but the victims of Hurricane Katrina would be the last thing on my mind. Thus, when Steepleton bellyaches like a little child who was promised a lollipop he hasn’t received yet, it is more than a little off-putting. Maybe he just wanted to use Jackson’s name to get people to read his latest commentary? Lord knows I wouldn’t have given him 2 seconds worth of attention had I not noticed his rather crotchety complaint about Jackson. One could suggest Steepleton get a life, perhaps? Read a self-help book. Start a small garden. Take a cooking class. Or better yet, he can do more for the victim’s of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita himself, instead of bitching about those who he thinks aren’t throwing together events fast enough. He should do something, anything to help the situation, but please….PLEASE spare us the obnoxious condemnation of a song he hasn’t even heard yet. I would bet money that once Steepleton hears the charity song, he will be bitching about how it sounds rushed and not up the standards of ‘Thriller-era Michael Jackson’. If he’s this put-off about the timeline, I don’t have to imagine what his review of the actual song will be. -MJEOL

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