New Radio Show: #7 Broadcast

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Essence of Love Radio Show #7 will air October 6 2005! Topics -Two men indicted for illegally recording Jackson in the Xtrajet scandal –Jeffrey Borer and Arvel Jett Reeves are charged with conspiracy, endeavoring to intercept oral communication and witness tampering -Ron Zonen, according to reports, admitting to a misdemeanor for sharing rap sheet and witness information with the creators of a movie based on a person he’s prosecuting. -Sneddon deposed in the $10 million federal prosecutorial misconduct lawsuit –Gary Dunlap is suing Sneddon’s DA’s office for $10 million for outrageous misconduct including “conspiracy, illegal taping, deceiving a court” and “illegally assisting the defense of a case” Detour Segment: Cynthia Montgomery cross-examination Show length: 1 hour + Scheduled Air times Oct 6 2005: 8:00PM ET / 7:00PM CT;       and 12:00AM ET / 11:00PM CT Oct 7 2005 8:00PM ET / 7:00PM CT;       and 11:00PM ET / 10:00PM CT Ways to listen: Tune in yall! Remember, you can get in on the action! Record your audio commentaries about these XtraJet crooks, Janet Arvizo, the two flip-flopping jurors, your comedy skits, audio parodies, or commentary on any other topic and send them to ! *Any changes will be posted here. If you tune in at the specified times and don’t hear anything, keep your eye on this page because it means something caused the times to be moved back.

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