Jax finds wine logo to be in pour taste – NY Daily News

[b]Jax finds wine logo to be in pour taste[/b] [i]Grapes of wrath A CBS News producer and his actress wife found inspiration for their private-label wine, Jesus Juice, in the form of Michael Jackson, who – surprise! – is not happy.[/i] Michael Jackson would probably be the first to say that Santa Barbara D.A. Tom Sneddon tried to crucify him during his child-molestation trial. Still, the Gloved One doesn’t appreciate seeing himself dangling like Christ on a bottle of “Jesus Juice.” The singer’s attorneys are taking more than oenophilic interest in a trademark application for a Merlot spoofing Jackson’s nickname for the wine he allegedly served to his young accuser. Veteran “CBS Evening News” producer Bruce Rheins, who headed the network’s coverage of the Jackson trial, and his wife, actress Dawn Westlake, filed a trademark application for Jesus Juice in January 2004, two months after the Pop King was busted.

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