CBS Producer Gets Nailed in ‘Jesus Juice’ Scandal – MB#286

CBS Producer Gets Nailed in ‘Jesus Juice’ Scandal – MB#286 UPDATE NOVEMBER 10 , 13 2005 — As if we needed more disgusting proof of the type of bias from the people who were covering the Michael Jackson trial, we just got more courtesy of ‘CBS Evening News’ producer Bruce Rheins. From the what-the-hell-were-you-thinking file comes word that Rheins and wife Dawn Westlake trademarked the name “Jesus Juice” with a picture of a figure with long hair on the cross being crucified, wearing a single glove, a fedora and loafers. I’m not kidding. I would be the first to liken Jackson’s treatment by vindictive Santa Barbara law enforcement and money hungry media bosses to a modern day crucifixion. But what Rheins and his wife have done is infuriating to Jackson supporters and religious persons all over the world. What is ridiculously insidious is that this blatant behavior was from a person in the position of making decisions on which stories and angles got covered and which ones didn’t get coverage during the Jackson trial.