Chris Brown: “I Want To Work With Michael Jackson”

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[b]Chris Brown: “I Want To Work With Michael Jackson”[/b] [img][/img] Chris Brown wants to work with Michael Jackson. Speaking as a guest on tonight’s TRL, the 16-year-old new R&B sensation revealed that he’d love to collaborate with MJ. “I really wanna work with Michael Jackson,” Chris told TRL’s Max while gazing into her eyes like a little charmer. “I really wanna work with him.” And that’s all he had to say on the matter. But he did speak at greater length about girls and his mum: “Yeah, me and my mom talk about girls all the time,” he said. “She tells me I can party with them, but I can’t bring them back to my room!” Chris displayed his powers of female seduction by treating a member of the TRL Top Table to an a-capella version of his single ‘Run It’, complete with grinding dance moves and sexual neck sniffing. Tune-in to TRL every weekday at 6pm on MTV. Source:

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