Canadians hit by Sony DRM

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[b] Canadians hit by Sony DRM[/b] p2p news / p2pnet: Canadian Sony BMG customers who thought they’d escaped the company’s disastrous DRM spywar had better think again. Disgraced Sony BMG loaded music CDs with hidden First 4 Internet XCP Digital Restriction Management (DRM) spyware. The corrupted discs were widely reported as being available in the US but, “About 120,000 recalled Sony BMG CDs that create security glitches were sold in Canada, the company said Friday,” according to the CBC. Some 37 titles are involved, “and a list will be posted on Sony BMG’s website at on or before Monday,” says the CBC. On its web page, “SONY BMG is committed to testing, verifying and disclosing to consumers, its use of any copy protection technology,” it says in what can only be described as a bald and outright lie. “Sony BMG and EMI have begun shipping compact discs using technology that limits the number of copies you can make of any disc to three.” says First4Internet on its site. It also, “worked particularly closely on prereleases in the U.S. market with Universal Music,” said CNET News. EMI, however, denies it’s doing anything with First 4 Internet, although that doesn’t mean it’s gone off DRM. “We recently completed a trial of three content-protection technologies (Macrovision’s CDS300, SunnComm’s MediaMax and SonyDADC’s key2audioXS), and First 4 Internet’s technology was not one of those tested,” it says. Source:

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