Family Kept Away from Jackson During Pros. Molestation Timeline – History

[i]Originally posted May 20 2005, this highlighted article spotlights testimony during the prosecution’s second molestation timeline.[/i] Family Kept Away from Jackson by Associates during Crucial Timeline – MB#268 MAY 20 2005 — Defense witness Azja Pryor testified yesterday in the Michael Jackson trial. She was Chris Tucker’s girlfriend at the time they knew the Arvizo family. To suggest that Pryor’s testimony was simply a ‘help’ to the defense is an unbelievable understatement. Not only did the defense get to knockdown the “hostage”/”conspiracy” charge, but they also got to address the molestation allegation through Pryor’s testimony. Pryor testified that in early March 2003, Janet Arvizo complained to her the Arvizo children were actively being kept away from Jackson by associates of Jackson. This is an enormous bombshell because, if you remember, the prosecution is alleging that this is the time the alleged “molestation” was supposed to have happened with the accuser sleeping in Jackson’s bed and the brother allegedly witnessing it. The obvious conclusion to draw is how in hell could Jackson have molested this kid if they were being kept away from him by his associates? That’s a question pro-prosecution pundits have absolutely avoided thus far because it directly attacks the molestation allegation.

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